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It's not cooking, but here are some good lent options for when you're on the go :)

Survive Lent With These Meat-less Fast Food Options - Fast Food Nutrition Facts
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Originally Posted by Cooking Goddess View Post
My grocery store has shirataki noodles on sale this week. I plan on picking up a couple packages to try for stir-fry. I'll report back later if you want.
I would like to hear how you make out with these noodles. I've seen them in the grocery store. The ones I've seen are kind of pricey and they come in a fairly large package for me to use all at once.

Originally Posted by medtran49 View Post
Are oyster mushrooms available and inexpensive where you live? We just had a couple of dishes that were really good, oyster mushroom Rockefeller and oyster mushrooms with Dynamite sauce (spicy but can be adjusted to your taste). The most expensive thing about them was the mushrooms since everything else was in our pantry. Both were vegetarian and the Dynamite sauce can be vegan if you use Vegenaise.
No oyster mushrooms, but the regular white button and Baby Bellas are on sale often. This week Aldi has white button mushrooms, 8oz. for 99 cents! I will pickup a couple of boxes and give the mushroom Rockefeller a try!

The various posts have helped jog my memory and now it seems like so many options are available that I will have trouble working them into my weekly rotation! I need to adopt a few of these for year round use and really work at including a couple of meatless meals each week. My old routine of chicken, chicken, chicken, chicken, beef needs to be updated to chicken, vegetable, chicken, vegetable, beef!

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How about a cheese souffle and some nice steamed veggies?

A spinach and feta "pie" along the lines of spanikopita but without the filo crust.

A curried cream of cauliflower soup with cold buckwheat/cucumber salad?
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Janet H gave me an idea. This might be the time to try a cold cucumber soup or some other specialty that's been on the back of your mind for some time. Shake out the cobwebs and blow the dust off those cookbooks in the back, so to speak.
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How about roasted cauliflower?

Here are some links to inexpensive veggie mains:

Cheap Vegetarian Dinner Recipes | Eating Well

Vegetarian Recipes, Vegetarian Meal Ideas: CheapCooking.com

Recipes for Main Dishes and Vegetarian Entrees

Inexpensive Vegetarian Holiday Dishes : Vegetarian Meals

Inexpensive (and Impressive!) Main Dishes for Parties | The Kitchn

I just leave out meat and go veggie all the way using what is on the "past the best buy date" veggies that are put out every morning...loving roasted veggies right now, especially cauliflower.
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Hey Aunt Bea! I had bought some frozen cod and haddock and made "poor man's lobster". Was pretty good, for a land-locked-loco.

I also made seafood chili using bay scallops, canned clams, and shrimp. The seafood chili I go by is from cookingfordads on you-tube. I also throw in some Tony C's creole seasoning to spice it up for something different. Kids really like it.

Also seafood gumbo, creole, etc.

Around here, bay scallops are sometimes cheaper than 20/30 size shrimp and the "juice" in the pkg of frozen scallops adds a ton of flavor to the dish.
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Hi Aunt Bea ~
Take a look at this website -- greatist.com. (Yes, it has an "i" in it instead of an "e".) When you get to the site use their search window for low carb or no carb recipes. They have some good ideas.
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budget, recipe

Looking for some low budget meal ideas for Lent I went to the market this morning and picked up a one pound "brick" of frozen haddock, I haven't seen them in years! It gave me a flashback to the 70's so I went looking for a can of cream of shrimp soup to pour over it and bake topped with a few buttered bread crumbs or crispy onion rings! Imagine my surprise when the can of soup cost almost as much as the fish! :ohmy: I nixed that idea. I will probably bake the thawed haddock topped with a sauce made using diced tomatoes, olive oil, capers, celery, garlic, onion and green olives. I got to thinking about other inexpensive seafood or vegetarian dishes to serve during Lent. I need to stick to low carb options for myself so the old standby mac and cheese or tuna noodle casserole won't cut it anymore. I can probably go with cauliflower and cheese or broccoli parmigiana. I could use a couple more ideas, what's on the menu at your house during Lent ? 3 stars 1 reviews
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