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Fish Chunks

Originally Posted by Caine
First, stop thawing the fish in water. It is unneccessary. Move it from the freezer to the refrigerator on Thursday. Truthfully, I prefer a nice beer batter myself, but if the owner doesn't want you to batter them, well, it is HIS bar.

On Friday, lay out some paper towels and place the fillets on them, turning once after about 10 minutes, to dry. Set up three plates about the size of a pie plate, or use pie plates, leading to the deep fryer. Put flour in the first plate, egg wash (a mixture of 1/4 cup water for each egg used) in the second plate, and bread crumbs in the third. You can season the flour, the egg wash, the bread crumbs, or all three, or not, as you wish. The seasoning can be as simple as salt & pepper (with or without a touch of garlic powder), or a full blown cajun type seasoning such as Emeril Lagasse's Essence, depending on what the locals like. I don't suggest a commercial Cajun seasoning mix because they are loaded with salt. If you decide to try Cajun, make your own. There are a multitude of recipes on the internet, including Emeril's.

Now, starting with a dry fillet, dredge it in the flour, submerse it in the egg wash, roll it in the bread crumbs, and lay it GENTLY in the deep fryer basket. Use one hand only, so your "fryer basket handle" hand stays clean and dry. Put as many as will fit comfortably into the basket without crowding, then lower it slowly into the fryer. When they float, they're done.
I agree with this method. You could also cut into chunks before frying- will cook fast and be snack friendly.
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thx everyone
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Cod [either esat coast or west ] will fall apart-flake when cooked tooo much.

I would flour or bread or batter or what ever so they would brown the what ever in like 4 minutes for a 1/2 in piece in 360 degree fat. If you pick your coating so the fish is on the rare side as the breadis done, it will likely get to the table just right.

Don't use frozen fish so can't help on that but water?

I call home about 100 miles west of you and can tell you after spending 30+ years in Seattle, I do not eat fish in Missouri unless we bring it from here or catch it there.

Good Luck.
May you eat well,
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I always use salt, black pepper (coarsely ground), and a pinch of cayenne, as a minimum, in any flour/breading I do before frying. Garlic and onion powders or flakes are also good. I like the milk for strong flavored fish, it seems to offset any over "fishiness". I also avoid doing it if I know a guest is lactose intolerant, but the fact is you cannot possibly take every food-related problem into account. HOWEVER, since your fish is already soaked in water, you probably don't want to add ANY liquid to the formula!

As a raised-strict-Catholic girl, I was astonished to move to the Midwest and find such a Fish-on-Friday culture still exists here! LOL. During lent, everyone goes to the Elks lodge and has fish. They're great, though. There is baked and fried (I think it is cod) and deep fried smelt. Hey, we're upscale here! I do wish they'd put more thought into their salad/green veggies.
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Yes I agree with everyone, Take that Fish OUT of the water, use the fridge, take it out of the freezer the night before, put it in the fridge, then the next day, pat it dry and follow the instuctions that Caine gave you, that sounds the best, if you dont have to breadcrumb or you wanted to try another way, just season the fish and grill or BBQ on a flat grill or hot BBQ, use lemon to flavour or any other flavours you may have or be allowed to use. I hope it all works out for you, just GET THAT FISH OUT OF WATER.
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So true!
fishes are supposed to be let off the water once they are cathced (unless it was meant to have a fresh living ones).

never put them back into water in order to thaw them. as you have experienced it yourself.

transferring into chillers a day before cooking is good enough.

as the meat of fishes are quite soft and tasty by nature, as little seasonings as possible is recommended. just a spoonfull of chopped garlic, a pinch of salt and pepper and oil to mix with the fish fillets before dusting them with flour, a plunge into egg and a crawl into the crumbs.

if you'd like 'em spicy, just add another pinch of cajun seasoning into the mix or dust it with just before plunging to the egg for stronger flavor.

make sure the oil you'll use to fry them is hot enough (almost nearing the smoking point but not yet). Once it is, turn the flame a bit lower and drown the fish slowly into the oil.

once they are golden brown and crisp-looking, take them out and pat dry the excessive oil.

in my opinion. a slice of lime and tartar sauce are always the best friend of deep fried fish.

good luck.
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fish is not going to defrost in comercial walk in without water. the only option then is to leave it outside, but that is not very safe either. so let it defrost just as it is done now. take out of water put on the towel patet it dry, semi dry. i'd season it a bit with some lemon pepper mix, then dip into flour, shake exess of, then roll or even prss into bread crumbs. it will be fine, when it comes out of the friyer sprinkle some salt right away. if you want to keep the boss happy the above will do both, make good fish and asure that your both doesn't get mad at you for misusing the ingredients and doing things the opposite if what she wants.
You are what you eat.
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