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Trout with Cucumber Salad and Tomato Butter Sauce - Hot or Cold?!

Hi everyone

I'm new to this forum so hope I'm posting this in the right place. I'm a reasonably new cooking enthusiast and am loving trying new recipies etc and seeing what I can do! I have a bit of a question about one I've just tried though:

The recipe is a seared fillet of Trout served on a cucumber/tomato (dressed) salad, with wilted lettuce leaves and a vine ripened tomato butter sauce. The flavours were lovely together and the whole cold salad with hot fish thing was interesting! I wasn't 100% sure whether the lettuce leaves and sauce were supposed to be served hot or cold though? The recipe said to make the sauce first and then 'put it to the side' - but doesnt say anything about letting it cool or reheating it when everything is done. I assumed that the idea was to have the hot fish, lettuce leaves and hot butter sauce with the cold cucumber salad - but thought I might check on here what people thought anyway just incase!

Thanks for your help :)


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Certainly sounds exactly like I'd do it. Also sounds absolutely delicious.

Would you share the recipe? : )
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Trout! Wher'd you get trout. I want trout too. In any case, I would serve the fish piping hot, with the sauce hot as well. The salad should be ice cold. That way, you get both the hot and cold in your mouth at the same time. The contrast of crisp, cold tomatoes, with the cold salad will excite half of your sensations while the hot and silky fish, along with the hot sauce will excite the other half. And the flavors should compliment each other perfectly.

With this dish, it is important to experience the contrasts of hot and cold, savory and salty, with the bite of the tomato mingling with the refeshin cucumber. That is what will make it a meal to remember.

Think of your last hot-fudge-sunday, with the rich and hot dark chocolate contrasting the smooth and sweet vanilla ice cream. Only, I think I'd prefer your salad. Sounds yummy.

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Thanks for your quick replies! I certainly agree that with the fish and the sauce hot and the salad really cold it'l be awesome.

Mmm the thought of that hot-fudge-sunday sounds pretty good too!

Got the trout just from the local fishmonger - it's farmed unfortunately - nowhere has wild trout anymore. But was stil very very nice... haven't had much before and certainly never cooked it before!

The recipe is in a book I've got, I'll type it up in a bit.... :)
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Don't feel bad - here in the U.S., unless you catch it yourself from clean waters in an area that isn't designated "catch-&-release", all our trout here is farmed as well.

I don't fix trout too often (because of the farmed thing), but the few times I do, so long as it's fresh, the farmed really isn't bad. It really does depend on where it comes from though. Some of the trout farms around here - & there are quite a few - leave a lot to be desired.
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I have several hot fish on cold greens recipes...excellent, always a wow from my friends.
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