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Creating sugar free dairy free ice-cream

I am trying to make a non-dairy (lactose intolerance) sugar free (diabetic) ice-cream. Searching the internet yields some results, but nothing that is really good. Most are better described as starting points.

A really promising recipe starts by freezing coconut milk (on baking sheet), and once frozen processing it in a food processor (with all kinds of additives - fruit, vanilla, sweetener etc.). The result tastes good, but when kept in the freezer, becomes too hard to break out of the container.

What can I add in order to get a creamier texture, that would not freeze to a solid once back in the freezer?

Any pointers to other non-dairy, non-sugar ice-cream recipes would be great as well.


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Most non-dairy 'ice-cream ' recipes that I've tried in the past have contained frozen bananas. Definitely gives it a creamier, ice-cream -like lecture, but usually the banana flavor over powers all the other flavors.

I also have a vitamix blender, and in its recipe book ( and at the live demo), they made 'ice cream' from blending Ice, frozen straw berries, raw nuts ( like almonds, pecans or a mix of both). In addition to that , though, they added agave syrup ( which is basically a sugar), so Im not sure if their is a syrup-like artificial sweetner you can use in its place.

Just to note, A vitamin blender is an animal. Grinds just about anything. Not sure a regular blender could handle the amount of frozen stuff required to do something like this
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The vitamix recipe seems good to eat immediately, I'm not sure it will hold creamy texture if frozen.
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Alcohol keeps things from freezing solid. Alcolhol ice cream would probably help get those pesky kids to bed on time. :)
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Well, alcohol did help, but the result was still not soft enough. Or rather, it is soft, but like sand, not like goo. Looking for more ideas.
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Old 05-02-2017, 02:07 AM   #6
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Blend the fresh mangoes pulp.
Add some dry fruits.
Cool it for half an hour.
Your Fresh Natural Ice Cream is ready.

In this recipe no extra sugar is used. Only natural sugar which is available is mango pulp.

You can serve it with fresh coriander leaves.
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Working some air into the mixture helps prevent it from freezing solid. Gums and additives in commercial product help with texture.

Maybe folding in whipped coconut milk (I've heard that this can be done, but I'd suggest a google search) would help lighten the texture. Have you tried making it in an ice cream maker?
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