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Originally Posted by Cooking Goddess View Post
Just to be clear, not ALL elderly in MA qualify for food stamps. You have to be below a certain amount in savings and monthly income to qualify. Just being old doesn't get you that benefit.
Well in this building, they must be even poorer than a church mouse. Because I have printed out applications for everyone. Which is more than I can say for the children doing.
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Addie, you live in a building that is for low-income seniors. EVERYone in the building is low-income. However, not all 65-and-up people qualify as low-income, therefore not all elderly qualify for food stamps.
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I am prepping stuff today and tomorrow to tide the Elders over until Friday when the homemaker comes. Hopefully, my Dad won't have to actually "cook" while I am away, he will have to thaw and broil the salmon, but I think he can handle that and cooking frozen veggies.

Tomorrow I will smoke the corned beef to make into pastrami and make a meatloaf. Today I am making a dark rye bread, waffles for breakfasts, and cooking up a batch of sausage so it can be reheated in the microwave. It were up to my Dad, Mom would eat peaches and cottage cheese and frosted shredded wheat for breakfast.

Once I am done with that, I have to make sure I have all the paperwork for the accountant to prepare my brother's final income tax return. I know I will be staying up late Sunday night to get everything done.

I do a rough menu plan for about 4-6 weeks based on what's in the freezer (protein-wise). I work with what's on hand because there is plenty of food in the freezer, it just has to be thawed. I will plan a beef/pork roast, and then plan for stir-fry or something else I can make from the leftovers the next day. I have gotten quite good at keeping the leftovers to a minimum, but I do like to make something that I can rewind the next day so that I can get some "me" time at least one afternoon a week. Yesterday I went for a pedicure and full-body massage. I definitely will be getting a massage at least 2x / month from now on. Pedicure probably once a month during sandal season. Loved the sea-salt, oil, hot towel treatment on the legs!
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