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Originally Posted by In the Kitchen View Post
Wow! Andy, you still 'member' me? Surprise and good memory you have! I am not walking much due to the weather being either rainy or too hot. Have to watch my blood pressure. Walking does help with blood pressure and that is reason why I cannot walk whenever I want. Kind of get dizzy.

These suggestions were all very good. I did not expect response so soon. Will take some work but what doesn't if you want good results? I believe I am going to start with a church I have started to attend. The 'older' people seem to always be there at same time I am. That's good thing. I just have to figure I am not the only one going through this odd time.

Volunteering seems to be the main suggestion that you gave me. I just feel that my son going into some kind of depression from losing job and have to take him into consideration. This hurts more than what I have to go through when it hits your child. Rejection is not fun and I know that is how he feels. What happened anyway to the proud US we were once part of? If you are employed it is like doing something you hate but cannot change.

I do thank all of you for suggestions. babetoo, I remember you. Weren't you the one who had cat and also had good friend in hospital? You really are faithful to this site, aren't you? Lot of friends here. I am going through Hospice with my brother which isn't always good. He can be quite mean when he isn't feeling good. Everyone at the home experiences it. However, I cannot say enough good things about Hospice. Treat him like he is family. Your suggestion of reading books appeals to me too.

The doctor tells me, as you have, been through a lot and to take it easy. How can you do this when you have the circumstances I do. Always on edge about tomorrow. Would be nice if we had some kind of financial security other than just Social Security.

you have a good memory too. yes i do have cats. added one more to the brood since i talked with you. someone dumped a rag doll Persian kitten in my yard. he is a year old now. thomas my original kitty is eight.

sorry to say my friend is still in a home. she has no mind left. it is so sad. i don't go to visit, as she doesn't know who i am.

i tried volunteer work at the hospital. i liked it, but in my new mode of doing what i want , when i want, didn't work with a set schedule. to each his own.

it is hard to live on ss but my son helps me with the rent. such a good man, i raised. my living alone was thrust on me by the death of my husband. i was divorced as well. you need time to grieve for all the years you were married. it changes our perception of who we are. just nurture yourself for a while.
"life isn't about how to survive the storm but how to dance in the rain"
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so good to have ou back with us. Life has a way of kicking us when we are down, but we are strong and can manage to reinvent ourselves. Take care read and find something that interests you and just dig in and enjoy it, Me I've put in lots of plants and an herb garden and in the evening I decorate hats or paint cloths for the kids I've had my share this past year a stroke having to learn to walk all over again but I've done it and now I'm back in the kitchen and love to bake cookies for the nurses at diyalsis it keeps me busy and makes me feel useful.
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