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Originally Posted by dragnlaw View Post
Just because the recipe doesn't call for brown rice, doesn't mean you can't use it. Sure it might change the flavour outcome a bit, but not the main part. Rice is usually a "serve with" ingredient.

About the only one recipe I might question changing from white to brown would be rice pudding. Somehow I think it just won't be the same.
I agree and I use brown rice when it isn't called for.
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Originally Posted by dragnlaw View Post
bliss, it's OK! I was just kidding!

Actually 2 of my doctors disagree on what I should and should not eat with diverticulosis. Brown rice being one of them.

And actually your version does sound sorta good. Do you blitz cooked? or raw?

Okay good. Let's see, I take 3 cups soy milk with 2 cups water in a pan on the stove. Add 2 cups cooked brown rice. Blitz it before cooking or during cooking. Then add 2 more cups cooked brown rice.
So the basic recipe is 4 cups cooked brown rice and 3 cups soy milk (or if you like it richer, change it to how you like it) and 2 cups water. Then bring to a boil and boil until it starts to resemble cooked boiling oatmeal but not quite that thick. Then add cinnamon, raisins, honey, nutmeg and if you like it thicker, oatmeal or 9 grain flakes, some flax ground for omega 3's. I make a big recipe like this and then have breakfast for the week in the fridge, hot or cold.

The reasons the docs disagree is that seeds/nuts (things that aren't broken down entirely, have a hard shell), do lodge in the intestines/colon, and they are taught this in medical school. They don't get a lot of nutrition training, usually less than 20 hours in all the courses and internships (unless they put a focus on nutrition). Nutrition talks about fiber and the RDA is 25 grams fiber/day for women, men need more--the lack of fiber leading to the diverticulitis in the first place. MOST people fall short of that, so the 'safe' fiber, the stuff that keeps the lining to the intestines/colon healthy are just not being eaten! (look up the statistics on that) Our ancestors used to eat over 100 grams fiber. Since I changed what I eat I'm eating 40-50 grams of fiber. I used to have gut issues, pretty serious issues, but they are gone now. (3 years in)

What are safe fibers? The ones that pass through and take the toxins and waste products out. Potato peel, apple peel, avocado, the outside of grains and rice, legumes, grapes, whole grain breads .....essentially, whole foods with the peel most of the time. (not the avocado peel) So if a person gets their 25 grams of fiber per day or more, they will be healthier. If I'm just one example, my gut issues are gone.

If you are interested in what a doctor says about it, look up diverticulitis and nutritionfacts.org and they have great information. https://nutritionfacts.org/video/doe...iverticulosis/
Check out NutritionFacts.org for the latest in nutrition research.
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Excellent write up blissful! Thanks!

plus I've copied your pudding recipe, so another thanks.

Also keep in mind that as one ages the lining of the intestines soften and the diverticuli easily trap particles. I've actually had a pretty good fibre load most of my life. But there are other things that can (and do) cause diverticulosis.
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