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Applesauce without cooking?

Does anyone have any suggestions for a recipe for making applesauce without cooking? I was thinking of peeling and slicing the apples (or even leaving the peels on) and then pureeing them in the blender. After that...adding cinnamon....maybe some sugar or honey...raisins that have been soaked in rum and putting it in the fridge for X amount of time. Can someone help with using 1 pound of sliced apples - how many tsp of cinnamon? x cups of sugar? x cups of raisins? how much time in the fridge? I know that most of the ingredients are a matter of personal preference but it would be helpful to know where to start. Also, are there other things I can add? I don't want to cook it becase: 1. I am lazy 2. I have heard that cooking destroys a lot of the good enzymes in apples.



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I can't find any information about the health benefits for people of apple enzymes, so I wouldn't worry about it. It's likely that the enzymes get broken down by our stomach acids and bile and never get absorbed into the body to do anything.

The purpose of enzymes in plants is to assist in ripening and eventually spoiling the fruit. So cooking inactivates the enzymes and makes the fruit last longer.

That said, here's what I would do. Let's say four apples is a pound. I would start with a half teaspoon of cinnamon and a teaspoon of sugar. I use Fuji apples for applesauce and they're already pretty sweet, so they don't need much. Honey needs heat to distribute evenly in a preparation like this, so I'd only use that if you decide to cook it - which is no more difficult than puréeing it

Then maybe a half cup of raisins. To me, that's enough stuff in applesauce. Hope this helps.

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They will oxidize.. you need some lemon or any for of acid and it wont hold more then a few days before it spoils. Apples are not sterile ,. they will ferment and turn in to alcohol.

Also cooking doesnt take that long, I have recipes that cook for 10 minutes .
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