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Also just to go a bit outside the box switch it out for stewing beef if it’s cooked then in moisture it can go all day and just melt apart. So a beef pie may turn out well for you.

Also I have cheated on this recipe and changed it Jamie Oliver has a quick easy pizza dough recipe that takes no time to whip up and top the dish with. It’s not puffy but it’s not a dry pie pastry either so I kinda like it and it tops it simply and goes well with the gravy.

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Thanks for your comments everyone. The Jamie Oliver recipe is getting a little stale for me flavour-wise. I just find it bland now as this is the one I've been making a lot, so if anyone can give me some tips to make a chicken pie more delicious I'm all ears.

I'm a beginner cook so please don't blast me. :)

I've never considered this until now, but maybe adding some Chutney to the filling? Adding something or taking something away from the recipe, like the mustard?

Anyone who has advice on what they would add to a chicken pie to make it tastier and add extra dimension of flavour, please give me your thoughts.
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I would make a chicken stew, beef stew, etc... without the puff pastry.

Decide what individual serving dishes you are going to use and cut pieces of puff pastry to fit. Place the pieces of dough on a baking sheet, glaze, and bake them. At serving time ladle the hot stew into the serving dishes and top each serving with puff pastry.

Another option would be to use frozen puff pastry cases.


For a different flavor element, I would make a basic Supreme Sauce seasoned with sherry, cognac, or bits of pimiento and add cooked chicken with some combination of peas, carrots, mushrooms, or pearl onions.


Good luck!
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Supreme Sauce! What a great idea. Another option is to make an Aurora Sauce. This is done by adding tomato puree to your Supreme Sauce, Chicken Veloute, or Bechemel Sauce.

Add mushrooms, parsley, and a touch of lemon juice to make a Sauce Poulte.

There are so many sauces that will work in you chicken pot pie. To me, the classic is made with chicken veloute, or Supreme Sauce, to which diced, cooked potato baby green peas, diced, cooked carrot, and either rustic chopped, or pearl onion is added, along with chicken meat.

Actually, using cornish rock game hens will give you better texture and flavor. And I prefer a pie crust for the lid, and also like a bottom crust. But that's just me. Use whatever assembly technique you prefer.

Also, since veloute, bechamel, etc. start with a flour roux, the pot pie filling remains creamy and thick, and doesn't break down as cornstarch thickened sauce does. I hope you reach your pot pie Nirvana.

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