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Originally Posted by Cooking Goddess View Post
You guys are making me hungry for steak! I've tried (twice) to sear a steak in a CI pan, then finish in the oven. Each time, the smoke detectors went off. If I do the oven first, then sear on the stove, will it produce less smoke?

One of the grocery stores near me has Angus filet mignon for $10 a pound! Although certainly not anywhere near my favorite cut of steak. I'm thinking it might be lean enough to roast-then-sear without bringing in the fire department!

BTW, don't suggest I cover the smoke detectors. We have six of them, all interconnected, and all very sensitive. And when one goes off, they all do.
I do mine in a cast iron pan.

I open the kitchen window, turn on the fan over the stove, grab a kitchen towel and when the smoke detector goes off I flap the towel until it stops, by then the steak is just about ready!
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I use a cast iron GRILL pan not a skillet. I just remove the battery in my smoke alarm.
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I stopped using my grill pan because I like having more browned area on the steak

I think this method would work nicely for a beautiful filet mignon, CG. My smoke alarm doesnít go off. Maybe because it's about 15 feet away from the stove.
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Dawg, I used a dry pan both times I sent up smoke signals. No oil of any kind. I do remember your avo oil tale, though.

jd, I did cook the steaks in a well-seasoned CI pan. Set those smoke detectors off.

Aunt Bea, the window, stove, and hood are all on the same wall. Not much in the way of quality air flow, I'm afraid.

msmofet, I hadn't thought of that. The previous times I seared in the pan, then put the pan into the hot oven. I feel more comfortable grabbing a real handle instead of those little "ears" on the grill pan. Besides, I'm like GG, I like more brown. Also, removing a battery wouldn't help. All six are interconnected AND powered by both battery and electricity. If the battery wears out, the power still works. We have yet to figure out which circuit breakers kill all the smoke detectors. Since our house is ALL electric except for the furnace, the stove wouldn't work if we killed the power!

GG, our stove is on the back wall, the first-floor detector is by the front door - roughly 28 feet apart, not to mention the wall. If you're standing under the detector, you can't see the work area of the kitchen. Somehow, that smoke still finds its way over there!
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