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Coriander leaves vs coriander powder

should I feel guilty for using coriander powder instead of fresh leaves? How much difference in taste will there be? It is so much easier to use the powder instead of going to the store and getting fresh leaves. That same thinking goes for many other called for items in recipes.

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I don't feel guilty at all when I do that. Especially Coriander.

More than half the fresh herbs get tossed when I buy them for just one dish.

I can also get Coriander in a tube and little cubes (which I freeze).

There might be a taste difference but I'm not out to win Top Chef. The flavour profile is there.
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My dear George:
Coriander leaves have a particular flavour; refreshing, tart and citrusy.
Coriander powder, on the other hand, does not have the tartness. On the contrary, it tastes (almost) of orange - its citrusy and a little bit earthy.
Coriander leaves are great for finishing a dish, whereas coriander powder, Id use right at the beginning.
If I were making an Indian dish, Id probably use coriander powder (mixed with other spices) to start the dish off. Id use the coriander leaves to garnish.
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Um, the powder is usually made from the seeds, not the leaves. There is a huge difference in flavour. I love the seeds, but hate the leaves. The smell is also very different.

That being said, I do buy the leaves once in a while. They can be a needed ingredient in some dishes. I don't actually hate the leaves if they have been thoroughly cooked, still not a herb I would miss if I couldn't get it.

I usually wrap a bundle of stalks with leaves in waxed paper, label it and put it in a plastic bag in the freezer. I do that with parsley and dill too. I lay the stalks on a piece of waxed paper and roll it up tight, folding in the ends before I finish rolling. Then I put a rubber band around it, before it goes in the plastic bag. When I need some, I expose the leafy end of the herb and I just cut off what I need by cutting thin "slices", until I have as much as I need. I usually don't have to do any more chopping. The rest promptly goes back in the freezer.
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Guilty? Heck no!

One of the great things about cooking for yourself is that you get to have it your way! While DH & I are not particularly picky eaters, we do have your preferences. And I will adjust recipes to those preferences. I don't care for parsnips...so I just use carrots instead. DH can't do spicy these days, so I skip the red pepper or switch out bell pepper for Serranos. My house, my way!
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Definitely dont feel guilty.
The proof is in the finished product
If you like it, then you did good.
If you didnt, chalk it off as a learning experience
Powdered (from the seed) vs Fresh ( the leaves ) do taste different but are often used together in dishes, so although it wont taste as the author intends, it shouldn't ruin the dish.
Although , I doubt its a 1:1 amount ratio (probably less of the powdered compared to fresh leaves).
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Coriander seeds are ground into the spice - coriander. Coriander leaves are normally referred to as cilantro. For some, they make the dish. For others, they taste like soap. Use what you prefer. As was stated above, if it tastes good to you, then it's a success.

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