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Deer Loin Roulade

I thought about putting this in the outdoor cooking section because I grilled them, but these could just as easily be roasted or broiled at a careful distance. Frying them would even work at a medium low and work especially well on a flat iron griddle with the grooves in it that some people actually call a grill...but we know it is not...don't we? I suppose this could even be done on a George Foreman style/Panini Thing-Ummy Bob.

FYI here's the song that term came from "The Thing-Ummy Bob" a world war 2 classic about the lady hero's working in the war machine factories.

Obviously I had some deer back-strap tenderloin to work with in the freezer. This was a hybrid idea of several recipes I researched on line.

I butterflied then pounded out the two pieces I had nice and flat, about 1/8" thick.
Click image for larger version

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They got marinated for a couple hours in a plastic bag with a hodgepodge marinade but mine typically includes Worcestershire, soy sauce, red wine vinegar, a little citrus if there is a piece of something in the fridge available, olive oil, coarse black pepper, crushed garlic, dried onions and whatever else I'm feeling at the moment...this night it also included about 1/4 cup of a Dijon white wine vinaigrette I had leftover...it's the dressing I'm stuck on right now.

I had softened some cream cheese earlier for this and spread cream cheese starting at the wider end about 2/3 the way across.

Then I added one diced fresh jalapeno on each evenly distributed and lightly pressed in to the cream cheese. Then topped with a shredded cheddar and pepper jack blend. (I was using pantry, fridge and freezer items on hand...I rarely decide on a recipe and go shopping for it, I like the challenge of using what I have on hand)

I'm sorry I don't have more progress pictures, it was getting late, I was tired from processing a bunch of other stuff including green beans and peaches, and we were getting very hungry so I didn't glamour shoot the whole bailiwick.

Rolled these puppies up nice and skillfully then whooped out that pound of Smithfield thick sliced bacon I had thawed ahead of time anticipating this action.

I laid bacon slices side by side to create a blanket of bacon beside the roulades and saved two slices for each to cap the ends. I wrapped the tips/ends first with one slice each, cut in half for full coverage, to seal them and let the blanket of bacon wrap them up with it.

Then I carefully rolled these bad boys up and secured them strategically with toothpicks snapped in half. These literally had a half pound of bacon each wrapped around them.
Click image for larger version

Name:	bacon wrapped deer roulade.jpg
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On to the grill they went...again, sorry no pics. They cooked for 30-40 minutes as I carefully timed my checking of them, turning and adjusting the position, heat of the grill, etc. I WAS NOT going to screw up precious venison tenderloin and a whole pound of bacon!

You can see they came out really good. One perfectly done and one with a bit of time left for reheating. They held together great.
Click image for larger version

Name:	20150830_210519.jpg
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I sliced them in to medallions, gave the wife the prime center slices and gave myself the ends (well, we only ate half of one of these between us so mine was really AN end...but that's OK, remember, I made sure the ends were completely covered in bacon too!).
Click image for larger version

Name:	Deer roulade cut shot.jpg
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Served it with a homemade green bean casserole with fresh green beans from my last season harvest of the year using Bobby Deen's recipe. It was good but a tad runny compared to most GB casseroles I've made.

The wife said she would be happy with these roulades paying a steep price in a fine restaurant. I have to agree...even if it IS patting myself on the back! This was proper treatment of a rarely available, wonderfully special cut of meat.

I usually marinate whole deer loins and grill to medium (still pink in the center) on a really hot grill, slice in to medallions and make a red wine reduction sauce for a topping, but I wanted something different this time.



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Deer Loin Roulade

Wow, Chef Kenny. A thing of beauty is a joy forever. (Don't know who said that, but your roulades are lovely!)

Ah, Keats!
She who dies with the most toys, wins.
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