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Have you tried GreenChef?

Have you tried HelloFresh, or GreenChef?

They allow you to pick your type of meals, they are delivering ingredients with recipes so you can make them in 30 minutes or so.

We tried HelloFresh from a friend that sent me an invitation, with something like $50 off, so we got meals and it was totally fun. Then you can send coupons for $50 off to friends and also try it for less. Was a very fun thing to do together.

Then GreenChef (all organic) also came out with an almost similar scheme out of NC, and we got a coupon from a youtube, but if anyone wants a coupon for $55 off, I'll give you one. (PM me)

We spent about $43 after coupon, for 8 meals/4 recipes worth/2 people for 4 days, and we are getting them this week.

What is the most fun is that we are trying new recipes with different ingredients than we usually try, different spice blends than we usually try, following different recipes, it's great fun.

It was our 9th anniversary on Sunday, this was a present to ourselves. They get delivered tomorrow. We didn't 'shop' for groceries for our regular shopping day because this is coming tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to tomorrow's delivery. When we had the HelloFresh delivery, it was ice packed and divided into meals with meal card recipes included. I hope this is the same kind of deal.

The only drawback, is that if you do this, with a coupon or otherwise, you must understand that if you don't cancel your service 5 or 6 days prior to your 'last delivery', you are stuck paying for the next delivery (even if your last delivery is your first delivery), so be smart about it. I'm not sure we'll continue so I cancelled before my first delivery until I can decide if it is a worthwhile thing to continue. You can always reactivate the service if you wish. That is how these things work.

There so now you know.
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My kids sent me something like that, can't remember the name - they were great. But expensive in the long run. Only worth it with the coupons.

Like you say, be sure you cancel or put it on "hold" for a couple of weeks, which mine allowed you to do. Support person was very supportive and explained things well.

Meals were great, I'd invite a girlfriend over for a meal of her choice!

ps, and the insulated boxes and freezer packs came in handy after too!
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A few years back I did " The Purple Carrot", Similar to what you mentioned above, but all vegan.

As you mentioned , I liked the new recipe ideas, ingredients .... that I was introduced to.
I actually visiteed their headquarters and met the owner who explained how they get their ideas and the runnings of thee company.

We did it for a few months but then cancelled.

The 2 issues I had were:

1) Over time the meals became repetitive. Not that they had the same recipe over and over, but very similar recipes .

2) The kits were only delivered on a specific day. The way My schedule works is I have some days I get home late and dont have sufficient time to cook. Most the ingredients have to be used relatively quickly ( being vegan, a lot of produce), so to avoid things rotting, I had to cook multiple dinners on certain days ... it just didnt work out .

But, it was a good experience and glad I did it for the few months I did.
Maybe if ny schedule was different , Id still be doing it.
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Dragnlaw, the foil covered insulated bags it came in, I saw a video that used HelloFresh's bags used for a solar oven. Which I might try to do.

Larry, yes these only arrive on Thursday-both HelloFresh and GreenChef.
HelloFresh has a vegetarian option, but no vegan option. (there were dairy products we didn't use)

GreenChef has vegan meals available within the vegetarian option (about half of them).

I think the cost w/o coupon ran about $11/each individual serving. Which is crazy expensive for people like me that don't flush money down the drain as a hobby. With the coupon it's about half that.
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I have looked at various meal kit subscription services. I haven't found any with enough meals that appeal to us and don't have ingredients that I shouldn't eat. There are a lot of companies that do this, but it takes me a lot of time to check them out.

Lufa Farms, the place that sends me produce and other stuff baskets has a form of meal kits. Nothing is pre-portoined, but you get the recipe and links to the ingredients at Lufa. You can change the ingredients and order it as a sort of kit with your other items. I got the ingredients and recipe for tartiflette and clam chowder that way and was very pleased with the results. I got the "kit" for tuna tataki, but I haven't made it yet. The tuna is still in the freezer.
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Larry, the box of food is going to come tomorrow instead of today.....YIKES I hope we can eat it fast enough.
Taxlady, Lufa Farms, cool and local to you.
I looked for a local to me service and I'm not seeing that. I would prefer local as it would be fresher.
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