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ISO - How to make candied orange peel?

alright soo...

we ordered out from Bertucci's tonight and i ordered a canolli (sp?). It was DELICIOUS! First of all, the inside was lined with chocolate, so plus 10 pts there. But it also had some of, what im guessing to be, candied orange peel. It was intense, yet sweet, and almost juicy orange flavor that was obviously at one point, the rind of the orange. I thought it was great because it really cut through the heavyness of the canoli filling. But i was also wondering, how do they candy orange peel??? it was so delicious!. Thanks guys :)

Actually, now that i think about it, it was a tad thick to be just the peel, it was probably the thickness of 3 peels put together


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It's really pretty easy to candy orange peels - basically you just peel the orange, cut the peel into strips, boil them in sugar water, roll in sugar, and let dry. Here are some recipes that explain how to do it.

You are using the entire peel, not just the zest - so it might be thicker than you would expect if you were thinking about the thickness of just the zest.

Oh - the proper spelling is cannoli.
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