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Jam making

Anyone an expert in jam making? I have just done a batch of peach jam and it hasn't set for me. Is it possible pouring it back into a pan adding pectin this time and bring it up to setting point again? Will it work & keep? Just thought I'll ask before throwing everything out


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Can you please post the recipe and your method? Thanks! I know you'll get lots of help if you post that.

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Used 50-50 fruit to sugar with a few tablespoons of water and lemon juice. Placed the skin and water in a pan and reduced the liquid to a few tablespoons, added to the above ingredients and just brought to the boil and then simmered till setting point 220F
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What type of pectin did you use?
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re. jam making

Problem with using pectin is that it requires obscene amounts of sugar, and it's use must be very precise (the recipes are strict!). I seldom use pectin anymore, choosing instead to cook my jams down (a longer boil) until they have achieved a "jam" consistency.

It is VERY difficult to apply the use of pectin midway through jam making - that's just a good way to waste $, as it's likely you'll throw it all away in disgust. If I were you, I'd simply put it back on the stove and continue the boil until it concentrates more - I use the cold plate test for set, put a small plate in the freezer until it's very cold, when the jam is ready for testing, drop a small amount on the cold plate, tilt the plate so that the jam runs down - now run your finger through the jam run, and if the jam does not close up the space your finger has just opened, the jam has a decent set. The more you do this, the better your results get!

Yes, the color gets more cloudy, but the sugar content is more reasonable. Pomona's Universal pectin is a type of pectin that allows the use of any amount of sugar - even no sugar - and still produces a good set. However, it's more expensive than regular pectin - but in my opinion, it's the only kind of pectin worth using.

Good luck with your jam.
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