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Looking for ideas/advice

This is my story. My fiance has just moved out of his parents house for the first time and we are living a distance away from each other. He has never had to cook for himself and i have only had a short period of experience with cooking, but alot more ambition than him to do it and willingness to experiment. I can only help him cook when i visit him once a week, but the rest of the time he is on his own. I will be looking for suggestions and ideas to help him make his lunches for work, easy recipes for him to make himself, things that i can make for him and be frozen for meals during the week and ways he can make alot healthier choices than going for instant foods. If anyone can help me out or point me in the right direction on this forum of where i would find the best info for my situation, it would be greatly appreciated. I also wouldn't mind any suggestions of good recipe books for the beginner. Thank You!

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I make large batches of chili, soups, stews and freeze them in meal size portions.

Lasagna is also a good to freeze in meal portions.

Any of these can be in smaller portions for lunches or larger portions for dinners.

Make a meat loaf and he can take the leftovers for sandwiches.
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Those are the types of things that i will do on the weekends for him but I am not too experienced and am looking for direction in the way of simple recipes to make these things or easy quick things he can make himself during the week as well. I went as far to suggest to him to look at kids cookbooks for ideas because they are recipes at a beginner level and don't usually require many ingredients. I can guarantee that if the recipe calls for more than 5-10 things, or things we haven't heard of or aren't common in the kitchen, they won't be happening. The chili, lasagne stews and soups are great ideas! We are on the same track. I was just talking about these to him today!
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I hope you remember you posted your question in two (or more?) forums - I answered you on another one... ;)
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Pasta sauce

What about this recipe for a basic pasta sauce.
It can be frozen and then easily thawed and heated in the microwave.
U could freeze it in individual portions, in tubberware.

1 Kg tomatoes
Half kg carrots
2 to 4 onions
1 to 10 cloves of garlic
1 or 2 teaspoons salt
Olive oil. 1 to 4 tablespoons
Dried herbs. 1 tablespoon of one or all of the following. Marjarom, oregano, rosemary.

Fry Onions and garlic in olive oil(u can use a cheaper oil, like vegetable, if u want, but it is not as good tasting and not as healthy), with the salt, until golden brown.
In a separate pan, cook the carrots, until soft, in as little water as it takes to cover them, with the lid on the pan. If the water evaporates, and there is none left, then add more.
Add the tomatoes and herbs to the garlic and onion pan. When the carrots are soft, then add them to this pan too. Cook with the lid on, at a medium temperature, for a while. Maybe 10 minutes. if the mixture appears to be drying out, then stop cooking.
Puree, with a food processor.

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