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Marinate Grilled Meat?

I have some steaks in the freezer that are two to a pack. One steak is plenty for my wife and I. I thought about grilling one for a steak dinner, and grilling the other one to slice and use for fajitas a couple days later. Is it going to screw up a good steak to marinate it after it's grilled and sliced?

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Welcome to DC.

I would marinate it raw. I have never marinated cooked meat. Sorry, this isn't very helpful.
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Welcome to DC LMerson!

To the best of my knowledge, don't think I have done that.

But I have sliced cooked steak/beef or other, to add to a salad. I don't know about the marinating after part but there should be no harm in just using it to dip the meat into for serving or sprinkling on top of the fajitas.

Or, make the marinade, slice your cooked steak and just reheat the meat. (so it doesn't get tough with over heating/cooking.

I'm sure there will be more suggestions coming your way.
Let us know what you do and how it turns out!
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Portion the meat into two servings, one for the grill, and one for the fajitas. Marinate the fajita portion.

If you want both grilled, and fajita flavors in the fajitas, grill the steak, cot the fajita slices and set aside. Cook to medium rare at most. Make a flavorful au jus with fajita seasonings added. Heat the au jus to simmering. Add the beef slices just long enought to heat the meat, about a minute or so. Cook the onions, peppers, and whatever else you will be puting in your fajitas befre heating the meat in the au jus.

Marinades have acidic ingredients in them that will toughen the meat. The au jus is basically a beef broth brine that will flavor it without making the meat tough.

Seeeeya; Chief Longwind of the North
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Marinate both as you planned. Use the steak for the dinner and use the fajita steak within a couple three days.
Beef marinating or just in the fridge has a few days of shelf life. Besides the longer you marinate, the tastier it will get. Take on the flavors of the marinade.
I would not introduce any or just a very little citrus in the marinade. This will tend to "slightly" cook the meat.

Slice the fajita steak before marinating.
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All great feedback. Thank you!
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grill, meat

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