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Marinated Mushroom Question

Just got back from a road trip, and passed through Pennsylvania ( mushroom country) and decided to pick me up a bunch.

Every time I get this many mushrooms, I marinate a bunch, since its a way to use a lot, and have them last a long time.

I dug up a recipe for marinated mushrooms ( vinegar, garlic, spices , oil...).

Basically boil shrooms a few minutes in salted water, drain, mix with all marinade ingredients, let sit over night.

The issue I had was, this morning I tasted them, and the mushrooms at the top of the jar did not marinade as intensely as the lower mushrooms due to the oil in the marinade rising, and the upper layer of shrooms not being in direct contact with the marinade.

So my question is, Would it be better for me to initially not put the oil in, let the shrooms sit in the marinade over night, then mix in the oil the next day, once they have absorbed all the flavors ?

Just curious, any other suggestions welcome



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What about putting your oil and vinegar thru a blender first. Or even adding a wee tad of mustard to incorporate and not separate.

I'm thinking if you just use the vinegar solution first you are liable to "cook" the mushrooms?

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...or put them in a jar and shake them periodically.
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Marinated Mushroom Question

I reuse my marinated mushroom liquid (from Trader Joe's), putting more mushrooms in the jar. I periodically turn the jar upside down in the fridge, then upright it again every few days. It has both vinegar and oil in it.
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I usually marinade mushrooms first, then before serving add oil and garlic.
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Add something on top to weigh them down that you won't mind the flavor of, such as chopped tomatoes. Then add the oily tomatoes to a salad. It is an annoying fact of life that mushrooms like to float.

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