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Marinating fish?

Most fish recipes usually call for cooling a sauce that covers the fish. Except for salted cod I've not seen any recipes that marinate the actual fish in spices of any kind. the fish is cooked separately or imbedded at last step. Im a rookie so forgive me if I am wrong. Thoughts?


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IMO, marinating fish, in most cases, would over power the actual fish flavor. When fish is marinated for cooking, it usually is for a very brief period or the marinade is done specifically to "cook" the fish (ceviche). Tuna is one of the few fish I'll marinate before grilling. Blackening spices are generally applied right before cooking. The only "extended" application of rubs or brines, that I know of, are in preparation for smoking or the process of curing (gravlax). Hope this helps!


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Actually, marinades work well with fish so long as you don't leave them in the marinade very long. Soy sauce, ginger, vinaigrettes, etc., are frequently used as a base for fish and seafood marinades. Also, ceviche is really nothing more than raw fish or seafood marinated in lime juice with other addtions to taste. When I fry fish I almost always marinate it in buttermilk for a half-hour or so before breading it.
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I do this at least once a week and found this to be the best way for salmon, trout, red snapper, cat fish and it's very easy and quick. After you wash your choice of fish, put it a bowl or container. Then drizzle about a tsp of balsamic vinegar, tsp of olive oil, some red wine or sherry vinegar and lastly sprinkle some sea salt and fresh cracked pepper or a seasoning mix like Lawry's. This is for a 6 oz piece so adjust to your liking for bigger portions but it doesn't have to be exact. A little goes a long way with fish, it's not resistant like pork or chicken.

Then just turn the fish around the bowl to get everything distributed and let it sit for 10 min upwards to an hour but anymore than that the fish will be too saturated and lose it's integrity. Now here's the easiest and least messy part to cook it. If you have a toaster oven use the broiler and in about 8 min you will have a piece of fish that's just as good as Red Lobster. And that's how most fish house cooked their fish through a broiler.
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