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Need help with nutrition info on package

I need help with determining how much sodium is in this dry soup mix I have. The way it's worded is confusing me. Usually, I never have a problem with these things.

Two packages of dry soup mix come in a box.

Nutrition Facts:
Serving Size = 1 Tbsp
Makes about 1 cup
Servings Per Container = 8

Amount Per Serving:
Sodium = 570mg

So, how much sodium is in one package of the soup mix (don't forget that two packages come in the box)? I'm getting two different numbers and I really don't like either of them. Either way, it seems like a LOT of sodium.

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The nutrition label on the box means 8 Tbls per box ---- 4,560 mg sodium.
One package is (4 x 570) 2280 mg per package--- Is how I would read it...

Measure the contents of 1 package...It should be 4 Tbls. HTH........
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Too much sodium!

I'm shocked by how much sodium is in the Lipton Onion Soup & Dip Mix. 610 mg of sodium per Tbsp is way too much sodium for me. I have high blood pressure problem.

I just now threw out the box I had in my kitchen cupboard. Thanks for posting this topic.
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canned soups have tons of sodium and so do the ramen noodles........most canned or boxed meals that I use have both the sodium number per a certain amount (for example...one cup is 300 mg of sodium and next to that is the RDA (recommended daily allowance) and they will have a percentage........like one cup of that canned bean soup is 30 per cent of the RDA........that is way too high for someone on a low sodium diet or someone who has to watch their high blood pressure...making your own soups gives you more control over the sodium and Mrs Dash is great for adding a lot of flavor with 0 sodium..same goes for snack foods----high sodium..........in fact I read somewhere that the RDA is more geared for people with normal blood pressures and those with high blood pressure should cut back even more on their RDA's........your doctor can advise you on the amount of sodium that you should be using.
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Yeah, that is way too much sodium for anyone, even those with normal blood pressure. A high sodium intake is not good for anyone.

Where I live we used to be able to buy microwaved potato chips that had no added salt and of course no fat. They were very good but apparently not too popular since they are no longer in the stores. They were expensive.

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