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Questions on Oil and Greens

Hello, i'm new to this forum. I've been looking for a place to ask some questions about cooking.

So when you guys buy salad greens, do you usually get packaged, or boxed ones, or do you get the unpackaged ones found with the other produce? Since i'm a new cook i've been buying the boxed ones. Which ones last longer, are fresher, and or taste better?

And as for cooking oil, would you use extra virgin olive oil to sear a chicken, or something else like canola oil which has a higher smoke point? It seems as though all the food network chefs used EVOO for everything.

Oh and what's the difference between a black pan and the silver one? What are they used for?

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Welcome to DC!!

I can give some input on the salad green part of your post: I usually buy the pre-bagged salad greens. I know they are more expensive than preparing your own. But it is worth it to me to be able to have them on hand. I like the different lettuces in the mixes, most aren't available on their own at my grocery store. One thing I started doing recently. I buy a head of Napa cabbage and chop it up and keep it in a Ziploc bag and throw it in with the salad greens during the week. It keeps for a long time and helps me extend the more expensive and short-lived bagged greens.

I use olive oil for sauteeing and browning. I did find that I do not like to use it for roasting in the oven at high temp. It got way too hot for me and smelled bad.
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Welcome to DC.

I buy the un wrapped salad greens Taste fresher to me. I saute with a lighter olive oil. Extra Virgin Leaves to much olive oil taste for me. I love extra virgin oil and spices with a good crusty bread. I know it sounds werid.

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I'm not sure which salad greens would last longer, bc I only buy them when I need them, and don't keep them around for long. I am a big fan of olive oil. I just really like the taste.

Welcome! Enjoy yourself here. Lots of great people!
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We buy whole heads of greens and some bagged stuff. Wash thoroughly and spin dry. If you buy whole heads of lettuce, break off the leaves and roll them up in paper towels for storage in the fridge.

I prefer SS (silver) pans to non-stick or anodized aluminum (black pans). If the black pan has a non-stick/Teflon surface, it's the best pan for eggs. SS is good for everything else. If you're going for SS, look for a tri-ply or multi-ply pan. That's two layers of S with aluminum or copper in between for even heat distribution.

For high heat applications, I use corn or canola. For lower heat things I use EVOO.
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welcome, living alone it is hard to eat up any greens. i buy the butter lettuce in the shell with the roots. forgot what it is called. have less to throw away when i do that. and i love butter lettuce. i use canola almost all the time.
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i pick up a mix of loose greens and stuff packaged in the boxes. The bags make me nervous and have gotten way to many that had leaves that where almost black. the boxes I can shake up and tend to be able to see everything decently well.
I never use Extra virgin or Olive oil for searing. Peanut or canola oil
for stuff like sautes, sweats and such I'll use Olive oil.
I only use extra virgin for making dressing or tossing things right before serving (like my salad greens/veggies)

as for the pan thing, I am not fully sure what you are asking
However, the color of the pan affects how heat is transfered to your food.
Think about it like wearing black in the summer compared to wearing white
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I buy both bagged, boxed, and whole heads/bunches depending on what I need them for. I try to only buy bags when they are on sale or I only need a small amount. It seem though that I can only find spinach in the bags.
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I often use bagged Romaine it seems to last a good while But any fresh unwrapped type greens will make a great salald try using lemon and evoo instea of vinegar
you might try adding some frsh cut herbs,grape tomatoes, crumbled bacon,2-3 hard cook eggs,2 med carrots shredded,fresh chopped chives blu crumbled cheese or one your prefer, for your dresssing 1/1/2 cups evoo,2/3 cup red wine vinegar1 tea.sugar salt and pepper 1/2 tea
dijon 1 tea worcestershire 1 tea paprika toss just before serving, hot garlic bread is wonderful with salad.
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For oil, I prefer canola if it has to reach high temps, such as searing. Olive oil tends to burn at those temps. As for salad green, we try to use what we grow. However, some greens like arugula don't fair well in the summer here.

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I use extra virgin olive fir almost everything but stir frying. Then I use peanut oil
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