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Rate of new meals/desserts?

I am wondering what is the rate of new meals and desserts per year?

What I mean is I am trying to get an estimate on how fast new meals and desserts are being created... i.e the growth rate of creative cooking sort of speak???

I guess one would have to define what meals qualify as a genuine new meal and not just a tweak in already existing ingredients (or the extent of the tweak that qualifies them as distinct new dishes /meals/deserts ... )

The other question is the rate at which new meals and desserts that the average person deems as worthy to eat. I guess this would be to hard to answer to some extent but maybe there is an average since a general consensus likes pizza ...

Figured I would throw it out there
Also wonder how many of the top chiefs are the ones creating the new meals/desserts as well. Or what portion of them are created by whom.

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I don't believe it's something you an actually quantify. It happens all the time everywhere. Innovations by top chefs are the one you hear about.

Home cooks, foodies, short order cooks, etc. everywhere try different things because they have a specific idea or a limited number of ingredients and you have a new dish.

Then you have to (as you said) define what makes a new dish. Pizza is a flatbread with toppings. Is it a new dish if you're the first to put ham and pineapple on a pizza or can there never be a new pizza because they're all just flatbreads with toppings so what's new?
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Being a simple man, I expect that many of the new techniques will be beyond my means.
Here are a few that I have heard about.
Anti-Griddle: A reverse cook top that instantaneously, at minus 30 degrees, transforms liquids to frozen solids.
Sous vides cookers: Food encased in plastic is placed in water and slowly cooked at a precisely maintained temperature.
CO2 dispenser: Converts practically any liquid into an ethereal froth or foam.

But even when using these techniques, the ingredients are often commonplace. I have said before that creativity in anything has no borders.
I agree with Andy...There is little under the sun that is truly new.
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Things like modernist cooking, sous vides, and molecular gastronomy are among the newest types of cooking, although they have been around for some years.
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When we go camping and cook over an open fire with the cast iron vessels of our forefarthers, but using todays ingredients, does that constitute a new recipe?
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