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Re-using my deep fried turkey oil


I've read another thread here, but would still like a more definitive answer. I have about 5 gallons of peanut oil that I used to deep fry 5 turkeys.. yes 5!

I did this on thanksgiving day, and the temperature never went over 385 degrees, and stayed at 345 for the majority of the time it was heated.

Afterwards, I let the oil cool for several hours, and I poured it back into the container it came in.

The oil smelled great, no smoke, no burn, but it did smell of turkey, and it was rather dark colored. I would say it now has the color of brand new motor oil if not a bit darker.

I've read to strain it through cheese cloth or coffee filters, and I'm wondering if that will clear it up a bit? I'm not sure if I should toss it or not because it was very expensive, and everywhere I read says toss the oil when it gets too dark. The oil originally was transparent, it's far from transparent now. At a distance it almost looks black.

Any help is much appreciated and thanks!

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I have no experience with deep-frying turkeys, but I don't think straining the oil will reduce the color. That's probably a result of the temp during cooking. I'd be inclined to dump the oil, even though it would be a costly thing. Better safe than sorry, especially since you didn't say that the oil was refrigerated after use.

I'm sure others with more experience will come along and offer further advice.
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Thanks Katie,

yea, I did not refrigerate it afterwards.

The thing is in this enormous container, which I couldn't't refrigerate if I wanted to!
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I was just reading about deep frying in Shirley Corriher's book, "Cookwise: The Secrets of Cooking Revealed." She says even one use can cause the oil to go rancid, and some components of rancidity are poisonous. I wouldn't risk it.
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Frying proteins five times in the same oil is about all you can expect from one batch of oil. The darkening you noticed is a sign the oil has reached the end of its useful life. Toss it.
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