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Originally Posted by Cooking Goddess View Post
Have I ever told you how I take my seasonings when we travel?
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Yes, that's very clever CG. I'm currently at my in-laws ski condo at Jay Peak, VT and the only spices they have are salt/pepper. The nearest decent supermarket is 15 miles away. Some things we take for granted living close to civilization.

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I had an "oops" when moving leftover soup to a storage container tonight. A goodly amount of my ham-and-bean soup drooled down between the stove and the counter it abuts. I really wasn't looking forward to us having to move the stove, but move it we would do - tomorrow. Then, an idea! Taking my straight icing spatula from the drawer, I wrapped a damp paper towel around the blade and "washed" the sides of the stove and cupboard with the towel. Well, towels, since it took about three or four. I really made a mess. However, not a bit of soup debris can be seen when shining a flashlight down the space. Guess moving the stove can be taken off the to-do list for tomorrow.
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Have you ever been camping, and after cooking over a campfire, had to scrub the soot off of the outside of a cooking vesel? It can be a royal pain. Here's a trick to make removing the soot super easy.

Purchase a bar of Ivory, or some other pure soap, no perfumes or creams, or other such nonsense, simply pure soap. Use the soap like a crayon, and completely cover the outside of the cooking vessel. When the meal is over, and it's time to wash the dishes, & pots"n pans, the soot will stick to the soap, and when it is easily washed off, the soot goes with it.

Learned that trick back in 1966, in Boy Scouts. We had an amazing troop-master. He taught us so many great things.

Caution: Avoid getting any soap inside the pot. It's just not good seasoning for food. If you do get any in the food pot, you can use that food to wash out your child's mouth when they say something inappropriate.

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Yup, the pure soap on the outside of the pot works well to make it easy to get the soot off later. I learned it in the late 1950s or early 1960s in the Girl Sprouts. If you forget to soap your pot, rubbing with the ashes from that campfire work fairly well to remove the soot.

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