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Trouble with texture

Hi there

I have a recipe Iíve refined over time for a flourless dark chocolate cake, some call it a Pastel but it seems to have many names.

This dark chocolate pastel is thick, rich and stunningly smooth. It sets very firm, slightly more so than a torte.

Now I am trying to create a white chocolate variation of the same dessert, so that I can sell it as a duo. One being extremely rich and one being a tarty contrast.

The issue I am having is getting the white chocolate to set smooth and firm. So my question really is how do I get a denser, smoother set.

For example the dark chocolate is simple, the recipe is as follows.

875g dark
400g butter

Melt in Bain Marie

320g sugar
8 eggs

Whisk until doubled in size

50g sugar

Dissolve sugar in tiny bit of water and reduce until softball syrup.

Combine all ingredients fold and bake, I use a work oven 150ēc 50% steam

Now the white chocolate is obviously going to behave differently, Iím adapting the recipe and have had mixed results but have a decent product, i just want it to set a little harder and firmer.

The latest variation on the white chocolate is as follows

440g white chocolate
Melt in Bain Marie

440g cream cheese
200g sugar
250g butter
Mix until smooth

8 eggs add to mix one at a time

Combine all and cook same as other cake but 45m cooking time

Now Iíve left out the softball through fear it will be too sweet, lowered the butter as the first attempt was too oily.

This recipe come out very moist and tasty but just not a dense enough set, anyone know what I could tweak to get that really nice super firm set.

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