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Originally Posted by rodentraiser View Post
One of these days, when I have more room. *sigh*
I certainly hear you on that one! Being single and you need a bigger kitchen for all your toys!

I was given a CrockPot back in the late 60's but in 'them thar days' they didn't always come with lots of instructions or perhaps they didn't even know what the instructions should be. So I would put everything in, turn it on, 8 hours later the meat was usually cooked and the vegies were rock hard. Go figure... after the 3rd attempt it went into the back cupboard never to be seen again.

So this is the first slow cooker I contemplated getting in about 50 years. I'm a plug it in and walk away type of person for a lot of things so... the more conveniences and if the bells and whistles were actually usable, the more I liked it.

I can certainly appreciate your love of 1,2,3 go but the older I get and the more I want to experiment, I will go the easier route and hope I like it enough to do again. By the same token, I have no intentions of ever getting a bread machine - I do it by hand, but then.. never say never!
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I too like making bread by hand. But my finger joints won't let me anymore. So I may just have to invest in a bread making machine. If that happens, then I will want one of those bread slicers that pro bakeries have. Will I ever run out of wants?
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I actually found I like kneading bread. Whodathunk? And the older I get, the less I find I like washing down appliances or pots and pans.

I'd like to try using my crock pot for tomato sauce one day. I always put that off because I hate tomato paste from a can. Now that I have the good stuff in a tube, I might give that a whirl.
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