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Slow cooker size?!

I have not yet searched the recipes on this particular site, but I have noticed that most slow cooker recipes don't specify what SIZE the slow cooker they are using is. What do you do if for ex. your slow cooker is a 3 1/2 quart and it turns out the recipe you are following is actually for a 5 qt. or larger slow cooker? I had a larger one at one time (5 qt., I think) and it seemed like if I didn't have it mostly full it didn't work or turn out quite as well. I would like to get another 3 1/2 qt. crock pot and stick with that. Does anyone know of a good place to find crock pot recipes where they actually do specify the size of the slow cooker?



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The first thing you have to think about is how large your family/friends are! My crock pots were all of the smaller (used to be the only size) size available (I think the 3 qts you mentioned). Now I don't even own one, I have a slow cook burner on my stove and just use my smaller stock pot (I think I have both a 3 qt and a 5 qt). When I need a crock pot for a recipe, I actually call my network of friends and borrow one (this is when I am serving said friends and want to keep things warm in the dining room). If your recipe calls for a larger pot, simply halve it if your pot is smaller. If you have more than 2 kids (or cook for larger groups regularly), buy the larger pot.
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I had to check mine, but 3 to 3-1/2 qt. is about standard size. Being single, the one I use the most is a 1-1/2 qt. Rival, and I simply cut in half most recipes.

All of the recipes I've found fit my 3 qt. just fine, but many of them also state what size crock pot they are written for.

As for recipes... For my taste, I haven't found any single source with a useful selection of slow cooker recipes. I've had to copy mine into a text file one at a time as I come across one that sounds good. Sorry!

If you find a good site, I would like to know as well.
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