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Old 01-16-2007, 11:12 AM   #21
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i'm guessing a sanitarium in this case is what americans would call a health, nutrition, and fitness facility. not the looney bin or a convalescent home as it is often viewed here.

and we're gonna need a bigger walk-in fridge.

edited to add: sanitarium is a health food company in australia.
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Old 01-27-2007, 02:59 PM   #22
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Hi! I switched to a vegetarian diet last September. Since then I have done lots of reading and bought 2 veggie cookbooks. I have had fun learning to cook veggie meals. Discovering new things like dates, figs, lentils, Quorn products, butternut squash and eggplant!

My meat loving husband doesn't mind either! :)
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Old 01-27-2007, 05:54 PM   #23
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My wife is vegetarian and I'm not. But I do enjoy some of the things she cooks. She does a delicious veggie lasagne and also has a speciality which is rice with lentil soup. Simple and very tasty. very filling too...just the thing on a cold winter night! Sometimes we substitute pasta for the rice. In some ways that is even better!
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Old 02-03-2007, 04:00 PM   #24
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I am neither, but learned to cook for friends and family who were, plus wrote an extensive article on the subject. My husband and I eat at least one vegetarian meal/day a week. So if you need help, we're here for you. Once upon a time, many years ago, a vegan friend said I did a good job for a carnivore. I replied to her that I am NOT a carnivore, I am an Omnivore, which is, more or less, what human beings were created to be. But I respect vegetarians in all their forms, and particularly respect my true vegan friends (that is, those who will not only eschew meat and cheese, but also will not wear leather, eat honey, etc). I respect such self-control. But maybe they just don't like it.

I lived in Hawaii for a long time, and tried to learn to like tofu. Oh, well, I did try. To me if you're making a dish that requires meat, use mushrooms. You get that bite and mouth feel. Sautee them in olive oil, then use in the recipe. My vegetarian mom asks me to plan a dinner before I visit.
Just let us omnivores know what your likes are. And know about them yourself. I once told a vegan friend that she shouldn't eat anything with worcestersire sauce, and she was apalled.
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Old 03-10-2007, 12:37 PM   #25
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I have been a vegetarian for four and a half years and haven't changed much, I make most meat meals but with quorne mince or quorne peices instead, its a mushroom protein sold in England. Another meal I like to make is three bean chilli made of berlotti beans and chicks peas and kidney beans (or any beans in your cupboard. Fry onion and garlic, add tomato puree,fry a little, add tinned tomatoes, add a couple of red chillis and puree half the chick peas and a small tin of berlotti beans, add the pureed beans to the mixture with the rest of the beans, put the rice on to cook and by the time the rice is cooked the chilli will be ready to eat. You can use soya mince or quorne mince instead if you dont like beans.
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Old 03-11-2007, 10:58 PM   #26
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I'm a vegetarian chef although I am an omnivore. I have quite a few recipes in my blog which are vegetarian and vegan friendly. Just make sure you have your grains and your beans together to make your proteins ;)
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Old 03-13-2007, 05:56 AM   #27
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Robo410...once, before I became a vegetarian, I had to make a vegan Christmas dinner, all the way down to the pumpkin pie. And let me tell you, I did AOK. I was sooo proud of myself.

I still make sure now (Even though I am no longer a vegetarian) that my daughter has plenty to eat at meals. I love expiermenting with new veggies, spices and just new dishes in general.
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