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Originally Posted by Margi Cintrano View Post
This divine dish is prepared with eggplant, home made tomato sauce, herbs and Reggiano Parmesano.
Io te voglio bene assaje...

Thanks Margi, tomorrow I'll go chasing some good old melanzane, gonna use this photo of yours as a visual guide.
Maybe I'll capture my dish and post it (only if it's A LOT better than yours )

Buona sera and have a good time down in Puglia
You eat what you are
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Luca: Melanzane di Lecce


My Grandmom Margherite made the most fanstastic Melanzane di Lecce I have ever had. I do my best to duplicate her efforts ...

It is one of fave dishes of Puglia. I love eggplant, any which way ... The Napolean layers are delicious and versatile ... Eggplant fried slices and in between, tomato, cheeses of choice, and some Marinara or Olive Oil & Modena ... can even add Prosciutto di Parma too and put under broiler ... Yum.

Have fun, at the Market with the melanzane

Buonasera, Ciao,
Sempre, Margi.
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eggplant, parmesan, pecorino, recipe

Eggplant & how to prepare Would love to hear from all of you with your take on Eggplant ? Firstly, my favorite vegetable is eggplant or aubergine ... I love the fried layers of Baked Eggplant topped with a divine home made tomato sauce and layered like a lasagne and it is called Melanzane di Lecce ... Eggplant of Lecce, Puglia, Italy ... Of course, I also like Aubergine With Tahine and Pasta Norma which translates to Pasta with Eggplant as Norma in Sicilia, is Eggplant. Caponata for an appetiser is nice too ... with a crusty warm bread ... Kindest. Margi. 3 stars 1 reviews
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