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I freeze them as well. I just cut the tops off and pop them in freezer bags. The skins come off easily under running H2O and then I put them in a strainer to remove the excess H2O. They are great for goulash and soups. I never learned how to can and am actually afraid to do it. The boiling liquids are a deterrent as I don't have AC and have lots of trouble with heat! I'm making small batches of tomato sauce and some paste 'cause the tomatoes are not turning in quantity, only a few every day! Darn hot weather! I'd just say try it and if you don't like the results don't try it again!
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Originally Posted by Kayelle View Post
You must be kidding Uncle Bob.......here's just one example of many, many threads to account for my "fear of canning". I would guess I'm not alone.

Bless your heart...It doesn't take much to frighten you... Seriously..Your link clearly states "Newbie" (aka inexperienced)...Her concern seems to have revolved around the Canner itself and green beans...not tomatoes...The OP's concerns were expertly put to rest by Mcnerd...A long time member of Discuss Cooking, who is very knowledgeable on matters of Home Canning...He stays on the cutting edge of modern Home Canning methods paying close attention to the minutest details...He, SparrowGrass, and others are a great resource here on DC for anyone wanting to learn or improve their canning skills...The Ball Canning Book is an excellent resource, as is THIS link...HTH..........

Have Fun!!!
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Bless your heart...It doesn't take much to frighten you...
No doubt about it, words like botulism scare the bejebbers outa me!! Frankly that site added to the confirmation that I'll never be canning anything.
Just so you don't think I'm a light weight in the fear department, I've swam with sharks, and lived to tell the tale. Does that count?
Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take, but rather by the moments that take our breath away.

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I've used my "Seal a Meal" with tomatoes and had great results! The skin justs slips off and they are wonderful in sauces and salsas and even chopped salads. Best of luck! (since I just moved to Chicago and am living in a Condo a garden is not an option.....pine pine for my Oregon home!)
Cooking is like love, it should be entered into with abandon or not at all. Oregon native transplanted to Chicago....
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I have frozen them right after picked and they came out ok for soups and sauces
but I reallly love to roast them in the oven, with onion cutup, garlic, salt and pepper,
then freeze them juices and all sooooooo much better. i hate canning, so i do this and and put them into canning jars and freeze them. just remember fill only 3/4 full - leave expansion room. they come out fine, i use them for sauce, salsas, soup.
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Put me in camp for freezing them. It is a simple and quick way to deal with a large number of tomatoes. We have done this for many years....we have canned tomatoes as well... I reckon my palate is not sufficiently developed to detect loss of flavor.
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My wife's cousin picks em boils em skins em puts em in a blender and bags em up in quart? bags in the freezer. 4 strips of bacon, one bag of 'maters and a pound of speckled butter beans simmered for an hour with a lid on it.......nummy
I use wine when I cook...sometimes I add it to the food...
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