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Homemade Sauerkraut

That canned stuff sold in the stores is, in my opinion, a far cry from "real" sauerkraut. I hadn't had the real stuff since leaving Missouri 15 years ago, where an Austrian neighbor farmer treated us to his excellent 'kraut, and showed me how he made it.

So, a couple of months ago, I decided to make some. The only crock I have is a big 5 gallon job, so I wound up using ten heads of cabbage. That will be enough to last at least a year! :)

It tokk over an hour to shred all that cabbage, using my cabbage shredder (from Missouri). Then, into that clean crock (you have to use ceramic, glass, or wood - no metals, please!!) Tossed in a couple of inches of cabbage, then a good handful of coarse salt, then more cabbage,, more salt, until the crock was close to full. Filled it with water, sloshed it up and down a few times to ensure the salt water got all through the cabbage, then put a dinner plate on top and weighted it with a clean round river rock Covered the top with a clean cotton towel, and put it outside (in a cool, shady spot) to ferment. (Dont try this in the house it smells awful for the first month)

Periodically Id skim the crud off the surface, add a little water to make up for evaporation, but otherwise left it alone for over two months. I tried a bite (rinsed, but raw) a while ago yummmm!) Nice thing is, it only gets better the longer you leave it.

So tonight were having bratwurst & sauerkraut, with boiled, parsley potatoes. I guess Id better have a glass of beer with that.

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big surprise, but i hate cabbage
but what really ruined sauerkraut for me was in high school biology class we made it to learn about fermentation. Nothing kills an appetite faster than seeing & smelling fermented cabbage sitting a foot away from a disected frog.

Wine in a box is better than no wine at all.
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Now how on earth did I miss this conversation?! Old coot, your recipe looks wonderful. As for you, Carnivore: LOL!!

A word to any new sauerkraut makers out there: when old coot specifies "a clean RIVER rock", he means exactly that.


If you use a limestone rock instead of a granite river rock, your sauerkraut will SPOIL. This is because the lime in the limestone will cancel the acidity of the salt-and-water brine, so your cabbage will be sitting there in a crockful of quarreling elements, and the result not only will not be pretty, it will be downright dangerous.


sorry about that . . . maybe if I'd been a cheerleader . . . ???
I said and SAID last summer: "We need to bottle some of this and save it for later." But did anybody listen? Noooooooo!!
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