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Originally Posted by Constance
What kind of potatoes do you all use?
I usually use russets, but Yukon Gold and any kind of baby new potatoes are quite delicious as well.

I love roasted vegetables in general...carrots, peppers, onions, tomatoes...I've never tried sweet potatoes, though. My husband is not a big fan of them, but I just need to go ahead and do it some day. Who knows, he might like them.
I'd also like to try a rutabaga. That's something I've never tasted, but think I might like. I've never tried parsnips, either, but if they taste anything like carrots, I'd love them.

Swede turnip (as we call rutabaga) is a versatile veg which is used in a lot of Scottish winter dishes, Constance. It is great when you grate it into a Scottish lentil soup or Scotch broth; boiled and the added to potatoes and mashed well, with lots of butter and black pepper (traditional dish to accompany haggis); cut into cubes and used in stews and casseroles. Creamed, on it's own with a little cream, butter and lots of pepper.

Parsnips are (imo) much sweeter than carrots, especially when roasted. But I also use them in a similar manner to swede.
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I wonder if it may be the varieties of potatoes that we use here which makes the par-boiling method successful. The potatoes really do need very little cooking, just enough to soften the very outside layer of potato, not enough to let a knife penetrate too far. Then drain very well and return to the saucepan. Lid on, vigorous shake.... result: roughened edges!
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I don't think you can do the onions right with them--maybe in the same pan but separated. The onions will give off a lot of moisture. Roll the veggies in some oil also.
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My brother does about 50 kgs of roast potatoes per day in the restaurant.
He peels the spuds, brings them to a boil, boils for 1 minute, then turns off the heat.
When he's ready to roast, he drains the potatoes and roasts them in the hot oil.
Crispy, crispy evey time!!
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