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ISO help roasting husked corn

I was able to acquire some wonderful corn on the cob. I have just one problem. Hubby decided to husk them all for me while I was at work. Now how do I roast them in the oven with NO husks?

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You could wrap them in tin foil after seasoning and adding butter, if desired
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Here's one recipe: Bird Food: LiveStrong - A Taste of Yellow Event Just leave out the peppers if you don't want the medley.

Cooking them in the husk steams them more than roasts them, since the kernels are not directly exposed to the heat. HTH.
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I can't help you with the oven, but I've cooked husked corn on the grill before. I had the grill on low to reduce flareups and kept basting the corn with a mixture of butter, garlic and S&P. I don't recall the temp, sorry. It was slightly drier than grilling it with the husk on and some of the kernels were slightly browned/carmelized, which I like.
I guess I'm saying it's doable.
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Grill or oven - Spread out one sheet Aluminum foil for each ear of corn. Put the ear on it, and put 3 ice cubes along the ear of corn. Sprinkle with salt to taste. Put one or 2 pats of butter on top. Roll up the foil on top and seal the ends. In the oven, 375 for about 45 min should do it. On the grill, I put them around the outside fo my Weber covered grill. Coals in the middle. Turn them every 15 min for 45 min. Works this way for me. Turn the corn, wait 15 min, turn the corn, wait 15 min, turn the corn put the steaks on. All done same time.

The ice cubes melt and steam the corn and the butter ans salt run all through it.

Check me on the oven. It has been a while. look at one after about 30 min.

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I've microwaved corn. I wrapped each husked corn individually in wax paper, twisting the ends.
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