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Thanks all! I made this last night and added sliced cooked potatoes and diced ham. It was very tasty....
Saludos, Karen
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Originally Posted by welise86 View Post
I have some zucchinni left over from a vegetable meatloaf I make probably once every few weeks...it's the only thing I really use zucchinni for because i've never really cooked anything else with it....I was thinking I would just saute in a pan in butter or EVOO and sprinkle with s&p.....is there any other vegetable dish I can use this zucchini in??? thanks!
Hi Welise,
Yum, Yum, - ideas for zucchini or courgettes as i know them!
* Slice, saute in a mix of oil and butter over a moderate heat until brown. Remove from the pan and deglaze the pan with wine vinegar. Add some very finely chopped rosemary or some fresh tarragon/basil and pour over the zucchini. Season and toss in the dressing. Allow to cool and eat as a salad with BBQ meats, especially chicken.
* Zucchini risotto, topped with herb (basil) butter and deep fried julienne of zucchini.
* Zucchini, cut in half, blanch and remove the centre. Chop the flesh removed from the zucchini and add creamed spinach and season to taste with salt, pepper and freshly grated nutmeg. Fill the hollowed zuchini with the mis, cover with cheese sauce and bake until brown and bubbling.

Or how about Zucchini rolls?
Zucchini Rolls - cut lengthways into strips, no more than 1/4 inch thick. Sauté or oil and then griddle until browned. Stuff the strips with one or more of the following:
++++ spinach, rice and pine nuts;
++++ spinach, ham and nuts - walnuts or pine nuts
++++ peeled, small tomatoes stuffed with mozzarell and a sage leaf;
++++ peeled, small tomatoes stuffed with ricotta, diced ham/cooked smokey bacon or proscuitto
++++ peeled, small tomatoes stuffed with risotto.
Roll the strips around the filling of your choice and place in a greased dish. Cover with either a tomato sauce or a cheese sauce and bake.

If you want to roll the boat out, place the zucchini rolls on a bed of tomato sauce and top with cheese sauce and a mix of breadcrumbs and grated cheese and then bake until hot, browned and bubbling. The dish could be great for a party and the cheese sauce, if made with cornflour rather than wheat flour may be suitable for coeliacs. Everything may be prepared in advance, assembled, refrigerated and then baked to heat through thoroughly when desired.

Alternatively, a simple zucchini strip cooked as for the zucchini rolls and wrapped around a piece of peeled tomaot and mozzarella would make a good appetiser!

Hope this helps,
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I like to peel it. Then slice it. Then cook it in water with some salt until fork tender. Drain. Saute some onion in a little margarine. When it is sauted, then add some chopped jalepno pepper--to your taste. If you like tomatoes, add some fresh chopped tomatoes. Add your zucchini to this mixture. Fry a little to mingle flavors. Put in oven proof bowl. Top with grated cheese. Bake until cheese is melted.
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Why not use your leftover vegetables in a zucchini soup
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