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My string bean recipe

My DW decided to buy a pound or so of fresh string beans. A veggie I have never really worked with before, so here goes:

1 1/2 - 2 hand fulls of fresh string beans (tops removed)
1/2 vidalia onion, sliced
2 cloves minced garlic
1/2 cup dry white wine
1/2 cup heavy cream
1 Pat of butter
olive oil, salt & pepper

Par boil the beans and immediately place them in an ice bath. (I used the sautee pan to keep the dirty dishes to a minimum.) Heat 2 T. olive oil and add the onion. Keep the heat low enough not to carmelize. After 2-3 min, add the garlic. Once the onion has become transparent, add the beans and bring up to temp. Add the wine and reduce slightly more than half. Add the cream, S & P to taste and a pat of butter. Reduce quite a bit, you want it to be able to coat the beans. Check again for any more seasoning and serve.

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I'm a big green bean fan and it used to be Del Monte in the can only, or so I thought until I also started buying the fresh ones in the store. I boil them, empty the pot of water and add olive oil, butter and seasoning, which is usually salt & pepper and a little Italian seasoning. Then cook it all some more. Good stuff and simple. I have to remember to get slivered pecans (is it?) and throw some of those in, too.

Your recipe sounds like it would be good over some pork chops I don't do much with sauces and creams and may have to give this one a try.
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Question fresh VS jar garlic

Hey thanks for the recipe! I was looking at how i can jazz up some beans (my bf isn't a vege fan lol) and happened to have some cream in the fridge which i don't normally. If i just happened to unfortunately run out of fresh garlic is the minced one from the jar going to taste heaps diff? I only use the jar one when i make butter chicken or some lentil thing if it requires it. (I can't believe i ran out - was cooking for a dinner party on the weekend and ran out - then went to the shops last nite and FORGOT to buy some grrr)
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My mother used to make a green bean dish she called Italian fried green beans goes some thing like this 1/4 #bacon saute till crisp add one onion diced medium cook till translucent add beans and a whole bulb of fresh garlic rough chop when slitely carmelized add 1 can of diced tomatoes and one 4 oz tomatoe sauce and a can of water 8oz. simmer till tender s&p to taste..
I added some ground Anise and some oregano and a little basil and it was great different but lip smaking good
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