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Originally Posted by appletart
True, I keep my potatoes stored away from onions/garlic..potatoes by themselves can have enough moisture over time to sprout.

Stir Blue's reply -- If that was true don't you think that we would have a new hybrid on the market?

StirBlue -- storing potatoes and onions together does lead to spoilage. Not sure what you mean by obtaining a new hybrid. Sprouting doesn't mean cross-pollination, etc.

From a google site concerning potato storage:
Avoid storing potatoes with onions because, when close together, they produce gases that spoil both.
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I usually store my potatoes in one basket and onions in another basket in the bottom of my pantry. Last week the kitchen remodel started and I have stuff everywhere! I had no where to put these so I set them in the garage "for the time being". Of course, I forgot about them and retrieved them yesterday to roast - Frozen solid - all of it - onions and potatoes! What is it about below zero that I don't understand? After defrosting I still sliced them both and tossed them with some sweet potatoes and roasted them. The onions tasted fine the potatoes were not horrible but definately not good. Oh well, my advice - don't store them somewhere too cold because they will freeze. I only tell you guys this because I know you are my friends, I'm too embarrassed to fess this up to just anyone !
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I keep our potatoes ( not a large sack of them..only 2 of us) in a string bag( the kind with holes in) hanging from a hook in the roof beam of our garden shed where it's nice and cool. Other vegs also hang in other bags from time to time..on separate hooks. Onions, and sometimes carrots.
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Yeap. Potatoes are afraid of cold, but love dark kool place. Also the oniond are the worst neighbor potato can have, oof the arguments about the property they get into , okay I'm joking of course, but onions do in fact affect potato storage in a negative way. So it recomended not to store them together. As far as storage in refrigerator I have never heard such thing. Potato when it gets cold relises too much sugar, and tastes funny. Stir Blue, what kind of fridge do you have?
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Been storing potatoes and onions together in wicker baskets next to each other in a bottom cabinet for years and have not had problems with sprouting or spoilage.
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