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Saveur also has a nice recipe for Fresh Mushroom Cutlets with Mornay Sauce at their website www.saveur.com
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of course, the ol standby, sauteed mushrooms:
1. invite friends over or have a pack of 'shroom-eating family around
2. marinate & cook steaks/roast/whatever beef in your fave way
3. melt about a whole stick of butter in your pan. don't be scared, love the butter. tho this is a big recipe, so reduce if you're only making 'shrooms for one or two. then toss in a couple packs of mushrooms, stirring occasionally. when they are all cooked (smaller and tender, and some of the "sweated out" liquid has cooked off), add in a generous half-glass of red wine (i tend to use another portion of the red wine that contributed to my steak marinade), and turn up the heat to reduce. yummy!
I love cooking with wine...sometimes I even put it in the food... fireweaver.wordpress.com
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I mentioned this in another thread, but when we shut down the kitchen I work at for this month, the help divvies up the perishable goods that we cannot freeze for a month. Among the many things I came home with, were about 2 lbs of small button mushrooms, and maybe 4 oz of sliced mushrooms. The sliced 'shrooms will be used for omelletes or something else. I'm not sure about the whole ones. I might have to get a little beer, make a beer batter, and deep-fry them. That'll make PeppA and her Mom really happy.
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ALSO CAN USE in spaghetti sauces...(if its been mentioned already,sorry)
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Sorry for the delay in getting back Jenny, are having people working on the house and everything is a mess.

Black pudding is a sausage made out of congealed blood in a natural casing. Many cultures, or regions, have their own variation and may, or may not, add other ingredients. In the UK it is blood sausage, in Spain and many Latin American countries it is morcilla, the French variety is boudin noir, and the German is blutwurst, although I have seen it spelled differently.

Have wondered if there is a Chinese blood sausage but have never heard of one. Seems odd to me if there is not, that cuisine is very clever in using every bit of the animal.

It sounds terrible but is pretty good.

And no proper English breakfast would be one, I am told, were there not blood pudding on the plate. And we have had more than a few British breakfasts and have never not been served a slice.

Here the sausage is not easy to find, but if you do you might want to give it a go. Found the German version a few times in the Northeast. Perhaps middle European groceries carry it.

Seems this thread has drifted a bit from mushrooms and as far as I know no one puts the fungi into blood sausage.

Sorry Corazon. Will try to be better sticking to the topic.
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