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Originally Posted by Loprraine View Post
I haven't had canned carrots since my Grandmother died 33 years ago. She used to cook them for two hours.
that's cute, cooking them 2 hours.. gotta love Grammas.
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This thread has certainly diversified from the two canned veggies mentioned in the title, but you (and Michael) have hit the nail on the head. Some, not all, people seem to forget that tastes and means vary.
My opinion reading the various comments, is that this thread could easily be linked with the food snobs thread. As could some others.

While I try to buy fresh, like I said, it just doesn't last long enough for me inbetween trips to the store. Both canned and frozen have their place. As does, as one forum member recently put it, "crap in a box". I love "crap in a box". I most likely have the butter and milk on hand to turn "crap in a box" into "crap" on my plate. I don't see anything wrong with convenience to turn out a quick and easy meal. There's a time and place for everything and convenience has its place, as does stopping at Starbucks as opposed to brewing your own Joe.
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Crap in a box and canned veggies are usually (not always but usually) high in sodium---my kids are so tired of me saying that stuff tastes too salty----when you switch to a lower sodium diet( which means recommended daily allowance for sodium are HALF what is posted on the label) processed food and a lot of fast food are almost inedible or they become to taste that way after cutting back-----I don't have a choice----I had to switch to lower sodium in my diet...and I'm not allowed caffeine either---double whammy...if I have a coke or a regular coffee my heart jumps around for about 30 minutes---not worth the caffeine rush
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