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Egg-less Pasta

I have always made my pasta with eggs. My go to recipe is:

200g flour (75% AP, 25% semolina)
124g of eggs, EVOO, and water
3g kosher salt

I'll sometimes add a bit more flour and a veggie puree/water mix.

But alas, I have no eggs. For those of you that make pasta without eggs, what is your favorite recipe?
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I just looked at several eggless pasta recipes online. The ratio of water to flour is all over the place. Some have oil in them and others are just salt, water and flour. Good luck.
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Yeah... that was my experience as well, which is why I brought it up with you guys. Hopefully, someone has some experience with it.
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I haven't made homemade pasta, but there's a YouTube channel called "Pasta Grannies" that shows older women from Italy making mostly eggless pasta,; the idea is to document different shapes from different regions. If you watch a few of them (they're usually less than five minutes long), you will probably get an idea of how to do it.
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I make eggless pasta most of the time. I noticed that a pasta brand that we really like only listed flour and water in the ingredients. So, I gave it a shot. I used wholegrain bread flour. I put about 100 grams of flour per serving in a mixing bowl. Then I stir in room temperature water, a little at a time, until it gets to a consistency that seems right for making pasta. Then I knead it a little and finish kneading it with the pasta rollers set to the thickest setting. Once the dough feels like it is kneaded properly, I start fiddling with the thickness dial and roll out my pasta. It worked fine from the first try.
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Although I haven't used it in a pasta machine or made traditional pasta shapes with it, My wife is vegan and I follow a recipe to Make the dough for pierogi . With the extra pieces I boiled them in water and they made great pasta dumplings. Again, not sure if it will hold up in thinner pasta shapes and sizes, but did well for pierogi, dumplings and likely would be just fine for ravioli , lasagna sheets.

Pierogi Dough
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 teaspoons olive oil
1/2 cup water + more until a smooth dough forms
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