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Thanks for the information Yakuta.
Hopefully, I will find receipes with those ingredients in them.
Then I cant try something new, which I always love doing.

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Originally Posted by Vegas Girl View Post
Anyone eat Indian food?
Okay, I've resisted as long as I can. I gotta say it.

India is the second most populous country in the world. Someone MUST be eating it!
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The Awadhi cuisine to me is very special, but so is Hydrabadyi dishes. I love Indian food and love creating meals of the various regions. Fortunately I can get most of the ingredients here in the SF Bay Area as we have a very large Indian population and thus many Indian markets.

You must rub the spices together with the liquid Mitha Ittr and allow it to dry. I was told it is mitha Ittr was a fragrance. These are edible perfumes used in dishes, which enhances the aroma of the dish.

as it calls for 2 drops kewra jal and 2 drops mitha ittr.

Kewra is from the blossoms of the pandanus/screwpine and not like the pandanus used in Thai cuisine which is from the leaf-they taste quite different and both are wonderful.


Originally Posted by Yakuta View Post
Mel - Baobeer and Jarakhus are not so commonly found. You get them in ayurvedic stores. Jarakhus is the root of the poppy seed plant.

Makhana - Are easily available in Indian stores. They are white puffy and look like popcorn and are pretty tasteless. They are lotus seeds that are popped just like corn kernels

Mitha Ittr - Also available in Indian stores. You can ask for Kewra essence. Kewra is a very aromatic flower that grows in the tropics. The essence of that flower is called Mitha Ittr

Out of all the ingredients in the list the only one that makes a difference to your palate is kewra. I normally add it to the biryani I make (it's like a Spanish version of Paella). It adds a depth of flavor that is very authentic in moghulai cuisine.

As far as the other ingredients go they are common to the Awadhi or Dum Pukht cuisine that was popular during the Moghul rule. It is not authentic to all Indian cuisine and I would bet that most palates are not that refined (even me being Indian) to differentiate the couple of these ingredients from others.

Makhana is normally used in sweet preparations.
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