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I recently made a Pandan Creme Brulee(I didn't come up with this, it's been around for sometime already).
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I'm not a pro but I love trying new things.
I salt and pepper firm slices of paneer, grill on both sides till golden and yielding and serve with Thai chili and lime dipping sauce and sprout salad.

I make Spring rolls with fresh mozzarella filling served with sundried tomato and red pepper pesto.

I also like making wontons with a Greek style filling of blended cheese, egg yolks and chopped mint and cook them in chicken broth. This one sounds odd but it tastes great.

P.S I bought some rice paper sheets by mistake, thought they were rice paper wrappers for Vietnamese Spring rolls. They are much thinner than the wrappers. Can I still soak and use them or could you perhaps suggest a use for them?
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Originally Posted by kfeng View Post
Already feeling the friendliness of the site. I think I am already enjoying my stay here.

Well...cantonese cooking consisted of 4 primary ingredients, Soy sauce, Oyster sauce, Sugar, and Cooking wine. What can I combined with these ingredients from a western (not too familiar, studying it) to created another flavor. Does this make sense?
Originally Posted by kfeng View Post
Callisto, Ironchef, College_cook. Thanks for the idea. There is a lot of good mix to go with. I was thinking about this one most of my day at work, should be working though. Let me run it through you guys. Generally we associated Curry with Chicken. What do think of marinating curry (powder) with steak and a touch of Michu (cooking wine), a little soy, sugar, salt and pepper. I'll definitely give all the suggestion a tried. From the words of the Terminator: I'll be BACK!
Originally Posted by kfeng View Post
College_cook..don't want to be rude. Judging from the picture, looks a bit dried. I think a little bit more sauce would make it nicer. Perhaps it's just the picture. Aside from the cucumber, I'll probably add a bundle of carrot strings to brighten it up. Certainly looks pleasing thus far.
This is an old topic dug up from DC's bone pile, and I find the above posts particularly ironic since evidently the latter post was the last visit Kfeng ever made to DC. (The 3 quotes above were all on Kfeng's final visit day here at DC. CC last posted a few years later, 7-22-2010. Kathryn recently joined us, welcome Kathryn!)

Actually I really like CC's Asian fusion scallops recipe. I'll have to consider doing something like that myself. It's sometimes nice to dig up these old topics and recirculate the ideas, kind of like tilling the soil to plant a new crop.

(The topic would be even more ironic if today was my last visit here but I totally expect to post something tomorrow! )
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Greg you should start your asian recipe thread.
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Originally Posted by CharlieD View Post
Greg you should start your asian recipe thread.
I'm sorry to say, but no can do. I enjoy participating in informal chats here at DC, but I'm also working on my own personal recipe website--one I've been working on for a dozen years in one form or another. In fact it started out in the late '90s at Geocities, before I eventually moved on to my own domain.

I sometimes post my recipes at DC, but within a few days DC pushes me out in the page ranks and the traffic goes to DC instead of to my own site. (Page rank is when you google something the first item in your results is page rank 1, second is rank 2, etc.) Some of my recipes (particularly my Thai recipes) occupy #2 or #3 page ranks which both pleases me and mystifies me, because I'm higher in the page ranks (for specific recipes) than some of the big professional sites!

So I prefer to not post my own recipes at DC in order to not kill my own website. From time to time I post my recipes at DC anyway but the more I post the lower my website ranks and traffic gets. I also have a policy of not promoting my website on other websites such as DC which is why you see only a very occasional link to my site. I'm sure most of you can figure out my website, or otherwise those who are interested can PM me for the URL.

Meanwhile I really enjoy exchanging recipe ideas and food talk here at Discuss Cooking, and in fact in my opinion it's the best cooking site on the Internet.

p.s. I'm happy to post my recipe pictures here at DC. When I get the pictures for each recipe perfected they're going on my website. At present I have almost no pictures at all. I'm working to eventually have a picture for every recipe, currently about 80 recipes posted. Anybody who wants my recipes corresponding to the pictures can google it or send me a PM for the exact URL of that recipe. Something must be working right because google will get you to most of my recipes. However some things like Twice Baked Potatoes are so popular that you'll never find my site because even I can't find my site. I think last time I googled the competition for Twice Baked Potatoes I was out to #80-#90 and still hadn't found my page. I got tired of looking.
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Just about everything you'll find on a Chinese restaurant menu is fusion, having been bastardized by Chinese not able to find the same ingredients they had in China in the United States. There used to be a restaurant in San Diego called China Camp that specialized in cooking Chinese food with American ingredients, but I heard they closed down.

One of my favorite fusions is German/Mexican.
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