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I think each Scandinavian country has a version of this. The Norwegian version uses red wine. The German version (okay, not Scandinavian) includes caraway seeds. One thing I've learned, omitting the red currant jelly is not acceptable. Although, one year at Christmas I used chokecherry jelly and that worked, another time I used highbush cranberry jelly. I have a head of red cabbage...maybe I should turn it into rødkål today...
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recipe, red cabbage

Danish Red Cabbage - Rødkål (Roedkaal) [LIST] [*]One red cabbage, ~ 1kg [*]2 cups of water [*]1 cup of vinegar (I use cider vinegar or wine vinegar) [*]1/4 cup of sugar [*]1 tsp salt [*]honey (or sugar) and red currant jelly (or other fruit jelly or sherry) to taste [/LIST] Slice cabbage thinly and cut the shreds so they aren't too long, or grate the cabbage. Don't use the cabbage core for this. You may want to wear gloves for this, so your hands don't turn purple. Vinegar will take the purple off your hands, cutting board, etc. Put the shredded cabbage, water, vinegar, sugar, and salt in a non-reactove pot and bring to a boil. You may notice the cabbage become redder/less blue when the vinegar is added. This is normal. Stir. Start timing at this point. When it starts boiling, lower the heat. Stir occasionally and when it is down to a simmer, put the lid on. Check on it and stir it once in a while. When it has been cooking for one and a half hours, taste it and add honey, etc. to taste. You don't want it too sweet, just not sour. Stir well. Put the lid back on and finish simmering the cabbage. Cooking time: 2 hours from the time it started to boil. When it is done, if there is too much liquid, pour off the excess liquid or boil it with frequent stirring until most of the liquid is gone. Can be served immediately, cold, or reheated. Keeps in the fridge for weeks. It's fine to reheat it repeatedly as long as you don't dry it out. [IMG]https://lh6.ggpht.com/_U40lSLlsmxs/TQmzaE8kxbI/AAAAAAAAIiM/4x8zaoFnsfs/R%C3%B8dk%C3%A5l.jpg[/IMG] 3 stars 1 reviews
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