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Green Chili and Mustard Seeds


First of all I am a first time poster so I hope that this is the right place.

Many months ago I used to work with an Indian collegue who used to bring in some fantsatic food for us spice heads which was simply a small container of green chillies uncut, maraniaded in mustard seeds.

I've been searching for ages for a recipe for this but with no sucess. I've actually got a photo of what they looked like at home which I will post later.

Does anyone have a recipe for these, unfortunatly my collegue who used to bring this in has long left the company.


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Firstly, welcome to DC Mr House! I am unable to come up with a recipe for you, but Radhuni, one of DC's member's, resides in India and has a website in her address that may be of assistance to you - Indian Food, Recipe and Cooking Portal - FiveTastes.Com. Otherwise, wait a bit and I am sure one of our members will be able to assist you better.
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Thanks for that info, cannot find what I am looking for tho... :(

...however what I am trying to recreate is in my signature below. Sorry about showing it this way, it's the only way I can post a pic since I've not been here long enough.

These chilis in mustard seeds are simply fantastic.
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Hi Mr. House. The thing you ate was a pickle made with just green chilis and ground mustard seeds. There are numerous ways to make it so I doubt if the taste will be identical to what you eat. Every household has their recipe of making it.

We make it as well and here is how I do it:

Green chilis - Finger hot peppers are the best for this . They are expensive around 2.99 a pound or so
You need mustard seeds (yellow) that you can grind. If you have access to an Indian store then see if they have pre ground mustard. It should not be a powder but grainy
Lime Juice
Oil - Mustard Oil is Preferred

First wash the chilis and then slit them in the middle. If you like things spicy you can leave the membrane and the skin on. If not remove it (wear gloves).

Next dry roast the mustard and then mix it with lime juice and salt (make it pretty salty and limey).

Now fill each chili with this mixture.

Put this in a sterilized bottle and now heat the mustard oil. I like to add whole brown mustard seeds to the oil once it's hot and also some curry leaves. Let the oil cool and then pour it in the bottle of pickle.

That's it. You can leave it in the refrigerator and enjoy it with a simple dahl and rice with some papaddums on the side.

Note: There are many ways to make this. I am sharing how I make it. You can throw in fennel seeds with mustard and fill this in the chilis. You can also add ground cumin to it but bottom line I like it pure with just mustard.
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Old 01-16-2008, 06:14 PM   #5
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Sorry I missed the picture but I just saw it. The recipe I gave you is pretty authentic and on the spot. The only thing I left out was turmeric powder and that's because I am not a huge fan. You can add the turmeric to the salt and mustard mixture.

Also the mustard that's sold in Indian store looks the same as what you see in the picture. It's dry but grainy.

Give it a shot and see what you think. All the best.
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Green chilli in mustard sauce is a delicios pickle if you like real hot taste.
But generally we do not preserve it, we make fresh for cooking or preparing sauce. I dont know the appropriate used for it. So dont preserve it.

I am posting the recipe here:

for 4 peoples

Take a spoonful black mustard seed.
Soak in water for 5 min
grind the seeds with a pinch of salt with Indian stone grinder (sil nora)
chopped 4 green chilli and mixed in the mustard sauce with a spoon (dont touch it with fingers otherwise you will feel burning sensation in your fingers because it is extremely hot)

At last I want to tell you 2 facts about this recipe:

1. If you grind the mustard seeds with electric grinder you will not get the real taste.
2. If you cannot grind the seeds properly it will become bitter in taste.

Good luck
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This really looks interesting... sounds like something I would like being a fellow "fire mouth"!!!
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