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Old 01-13-2007, 01:54 AM   #21
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Originally Posted by karlagonzalezgt
Where can I find recipes here in the forum?
You can find Steak & Kidney Pie and other meat pie recipes posted by members here.
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try the search.... and lots of recipes from europe you find here in the ethnic corner of the forum...
just look through the pages
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Just come here and ask what foods you are trying to find a recipe for. We will always be happy to help. No, European food is no more sophisticated than any other, just different. As is Asian. As is South American. As is ... well we could go on forever. If you want to learn European food, we will help. But trust me, I don't think a single one of us believe it is better or superior. One person's tonkatsu is another's schnitzel is ... well, we could go on forever. It is all delicious.
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Old 02-02-2007, 03:51 AM   #24
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Originally Posted by karlagonzalezgt
I've never tried any English dish, but I'll bet it's better that any American dish. I live in Los Angeles so I know what I'm talkin about.
Humm ... really?

English cookery has, for centuries, been considered the least sophisticated, least inspiring and worst of all European cooking. I don't remember the critic's name - but someone back in the 19th century said that the only thing less boring, and more appealing, than English cookery was a drunken stupor or a nap. Naturally, if I remember right, he was a Frenchman.

America is made up of many cultures that brought their recipes with them - and some of those recipes included foods taken from the Americas back to Europe, encorporated into their cuisines, and brought back across the Atlantic, again. From Europe, from Asia, from South America ....

True "Native American" cookery is somewhat limited - but I have no problem with such things as roasted turkey, potatoes, corn, tomatoes, or bison, peaches, avacados, pecans, chocolate, or lima beans - to name a few.

English cookery is to one extent or another, like Italian, regional. And, like most European cuisines, it's primarily peasant based. But, there is nothing wrong with "peasant" food ... the French classic coq au vin is just such a dish. So is the English "pork pie", Welsh "pastie", Irish "colcannon" and Scottish "scones" - there is also Worcestershire sauce, cheddar cheese, soda bread ... just to name a few.

My ancestors are from England, Scotland, Ireland and a minor part in the last generation from Germany, my ex-wife's parents were from France (my mother-in-law) and Italy (my father-in-law, a couple of uncles and a brother-in-law). I've studies their cuisines and their histories. I have friends from other parts of the world - and I find their cuisine to be no better or worse than any other ... only different.

There are a lot of people on DC that would be happy to help you find a recipe, Karla, if we only knew what you were looking for. I could come up with a bunch of English, Irish, Polish, German and peasant/country French, CharlieD could give you some from the Ukraine, and we have members in Italy, England and Scotland. Give us a clue as to what you are looking for ... and we will help. Just asking us to post every European recipe we know is a little unrealistic ....
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This diverstion into the quaity of English food so makes me smile! Living in New Zealand, with parents from Yorkshire (England), and having a partner who lives in NYC, I get a bit of it all!

Done well, traditional English food can be fabulous. Pork Pies and Roast Beef with Yorkshire Pudding... ummm. Done badly it is enough to make McDonalds look appealing.

I suspect that the issue of food comes back to the desire of the person cooking to cook well. I have had some **** fine food in the USA as well as some which was questionable at best. It comes down to avoiding 'food factories' and hunting down those establsihments that have a passion for what they are cooking.

Back to the original topic, I would definately start with some basic Italian recipes - spaghetti and lasagne etc. If you want to impress the boyfriend or just expand your cooking skills pick one dish and keep cooking it until you get the way you like it! Also try eating out to see which cuisines you actually like - you and your boyfriend could try a different European restaurant each wek / month until you have tried enough restaurants to know which cuisines you like. That way you can make some informed decisions regarding what you want to try cooking. Most of all - have some fun!
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