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Originally Posted by CharlieD View Post
I have to admit, before I started keeping kosher i used love salami made with horse meat. It was by far the best salami I have ever tasted.
I understand you, CharlieD. Here in my province, Pavia, we produce a famous goose salami, in two different varieties: one is made with goose and pork meat and fat, the other one is strictly made only with goose. They started doing it in Middle Age, when there was a large Jewish community and they wanted to produce a kosher salami. It is called Ecumenico, ecumenical, because it can be eaten by Christians, Jews and Muslims.
And it tastes GOOD
You eat what you are
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Originally Posted by taxlady View Post
I have a Portuguese friend. When she was single and visiting Portugal, she was given a special treat at family meals. She got the penis of whatever animal they were eating.
At my favorite Asian market (Vietnamese owned) the meat department has pig vaginas. I've found it easy to resist buying some...

It kind of gives the concept organ meats a bit of a new connotation. I think I'll stick with liver. If I want oysters I'll get some that grew up in the ocean.
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Tripe ( Callos Madrileņo )

Renowned Tripe served in a piquant tomato and smoked paprika sauce is a famous historic Tapa here in Madrid.

In Spanish: Callos Madrileņo

There is one popular restaurant that has been serving them since the 1800s.

Organ meats are much more commonly served on European soil and have since time memorial than in the USA.

Horse, well, it is quite common in France however, not in Spain -- it is illegal now.

It is cultural. In Mexico, well known actresses who wish to lose weight, dine on Chapaleņas, crickets; and North Americans are usually replused by the idea.

Each to his / her own, yes !? ...

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