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Smile Kosher Salt

What is Kosher Salt?

Is there any difference from what is sold as Sea Salt?:huh:

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Kosher salt is sea salt that is in the shape of large flakes. This makes it easy to take a pinch with your fingers and control how much salt you are using by touch.

Kosher Salt
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Thanks. I can get this type of flaked sea salt in local supermarkets, but I have never seen it marked or sold as Kosher Salt.

Thanks again.
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Kosher salt is not the "sea salt" that we commonly know, though all salt at some time or another is thought to have originated in the sea.

Both kosher salt and table salt comes from salt mines which have deposits left from prehistoric seawater . Water is squirted onto the salt mine and the salt dissolves into a brine. The brine is then dried. The difference between kosher salt and table salt is in how the brine is processed. Table salt has small square crystals, while kosher salt has larger, flatter, flakier crystals.

Sea salt is harvested from evaporated sea water. There are many different types to choose from, different places of origin, different sizes of crystals and different processing methods.

Kosher salt is called that because it's used in the koshering of meat. In the supermarket it comes in boxes and isn't much more expensive than table salt. Some sea salts can be very expensive and hard to find because it's hand harvested.
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Also, kosher salt should have no additives. That is, sodium chloride and nothing else. Differents brands of kosher salt will have different sized grains of salt. Diamond Crystal has a larger grain or flake than Morton's.

Table salt has additives such as iodine compounds and other salts to promote free flowing.

Sea salts also contain other salts and minerals common to the seawater it is taken from. When the seawater is evaporated, these other ingredients remain and contribute to the different colors and flavors of sea salts.
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