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Does anyone have a red mole' recipe. I've never mastered one.


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Does Mole' have chocolate in it?
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I quote from the Food Lover's Companion:

From the Nahuatl molli , meaning "concoction," mole is a rich, dark, reddish-brown sauce usually served with poultry. There are many variations of this spicy Mexican specialty, usually depending on what's in the cook's kitchen. Generally, mole is a smooth, cooked blend of onion, garlic, several varieties of chiles, ground seeds (such as sesame seeds or pumpkin seeds — known as pepitas ) and a small amount of Mexican chocolate, its best-known ingredient. (Some Americanized mole recipes use bitter chocolate.) The chocolate contributes richness to the sauce without adding overt sweetness.

Love mole sauce but, for some reason, have never made it. There are many recipes on the web that vary in complexity and authenticity.

Generally prefer turkey mole to the one with chicken, but any mole is good.

Just Google.

And I am sure someone will drop by with a favoirte recipe.

Good luck.
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Originally Posted by cipher
Does Mole' have chocolate in it?
Not all mole does, but many do. Every single Mexican cook, grandmother, and mother has their own version and it probably doesn't even come out exactly the same every time. If you're going to use a recipe with chocolate, try and get Ibarra brand. It's the most popular brand of Mexican chocolate sold outside of Mexico. Most Mole sauces have a ton of ingredients, at least 12 or more. Like Aunt Dot said, it has spices, different kinds of chiles, and some type of ground nut. My grandma and mom used almonds.
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My wife and I visited Santa Fe last week and tried Mole sauce for the first time. It was great. We even went back to that restaurant a second time.
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bobngreen, if you google "mole poblano" you will get pages of recipes. Read through some, and pick one that fits your time, patience, and available ingredients. Whether you pick an authentic complicated one, or a simplified recipe, you will be beginning a fascinating journey of discovery. There are hundreds of versions of of mole out there. Enjoy!
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