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Naengmyeon - cold(or icy) noodles

Naengmyeon is korean noodles eaten in summer. It is very cold and cool.

Translated into English, naeng means cold and myeon, noodles.

It is generally said that the quality of naengmyeon depends on its broth, which is made by boiling meat. To prepare naeng-myeon stock, meat (usually beef) is boiled for a long time, and the resulting broth is then combined with the liquid from dongchimi, a type of watery kimchi. Radish, scallions and some green pepper are the main ingredients of dongchimi. Water is poured over these ingredients, which are then left to ferment.

To prepare naengmyeon, the noodles are first boiled, drained, and left to cool. To serve, the noodles are placed in a large bowl, garnished with slices of pear, radish, cucumber, and boiled egg, and then the broth is added. The dish is usually served with ice. Depending on personal tastes, vinegar and mustard can be added to the broth, while the noodles are eaten with chopsticks. Naengmyeon is generally eaten at restaurants rather than being prepared at home, but dried or fresh buckwheat noodles are available at grocery stores nowadays, making it more convenient to prepare at home.

But!!!!! The thing is, I haven't been able to make it successfully at home. I'm currently researching. I have seen the recipes on the internet, but the resulting broth sounds too salty compared to what I get in the restaurants.
If you want taste a real Naengmyeon, there's no way exept to go to korean restaurants.. lol

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In summer, I'm sure that it is best of the best food!!
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