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Olive Stuffed Greek Keftedes & Skordalia

Sunday 11.30am

Good Morning Everybody,

For as long as I can remember, Greek regional cuisine has been defined by certain classic dishes with simple ingredients and easy techniques. This ancient recipe is also a modern Meze, which is a Tapa or appetiser however, can be a starter or main course.

Olive Stuffed Greek Keftedes Seared In Seasoned Orange Flour

ground beef 1/2 pound
ground pork 1/2 pound ( can use lamb instead or all beef or beef and veal )
all purpose flour 1 cup
salt to taste
1 large red onion, minced or grated
1 large red tomato, minced or grated
dried Mint herb 2 tblsps.
black pepper to taste
bread crumbs 1/2 cup ( I use baguette style bread that is 1 day old )
pitted green or black olives 1 1/2 cups
julienne orange zest - from 1 orange
olive oil for sauté-ing
milk 3/4 cup
oregano - a pinch or a swig of fresh herb or oregano
rosemary and thyme - a pinch of each

For the Orange Flour:

black pepper
all purpose flour - 1 cup
thin strips of orange zest from 6 small oranges

1) blanch the orange zest strips several times in boiling water to leech out bitterness
2) remove and pat dry
3) place the zest strips in oven: for 1 hour to dry out completely
4) grind the zest in a spice grinder
5) mix with the flour and pepper and set aside
6) combine the ground beef with the ground pork in large bowl
7) combine the spices, tomato, mint, salt and pepper and knead for 3 minutes to blend all the flavors
8) pour in the milk and continue kneading
9) If the mixture is too loose, add a few tblsps of the bread crumbs
10) add the olives and the julienne zest strips and continue kneading
11) cover the mixing bowl and refrigerate 2 hours so that the flavors combine and the mixture becomes firm
12) Now, spread the mixture and shape the Keftedes either in small balls or ovals like a croquette ... roll in the orange dust flour and sauté over low heat until golden and cooked through.
13) remove and drain on paper towels and serve either hot or room temperature ...

Yield : 30 Croquette oval type meatballs or 35 round shaped

*** Serve with: crusty bread, red wine and Classic skordalia:


2 large potatoes
8 garlic cloves minced
salt to taste
Olive oil
red wine vinegar
day old crusty bread grinded

Mash the bread, the garlic and the salt together either in a mortar and / or a mixer. Drizzle olive oil and vinegar mashing at same time. Boil the potatoes, peel, dice and add, mashing whole time ...

This is a classic mashed potato dip.


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Oh my, those recipes look yummy. I will have to try them.

When you write "bread crumbs", do you mean dry or moist bread crumbs?
May you live as long as you wish and love as long as you live.
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Tax Lady: Baguette Bread Crumbs ( Dry to Grate )

Good Afternoon,

Just received ur post. I use day old French style baguette to grate --- for the mix. However, u can use sandwich style bread soaked in milk, for example, as you are making meatballs however, I make in croquette oval shape ... My recipes are normally quite flexible as this a Greek classic.
Have nice Sunday.
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