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Old 09-07-2006, 08:29 AM   #1
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Unhappy Pepper Mix-Up

Had a bit of a mix up at planting time.
I have a variety of pepper out in the garden, that the peppers are growing in masses, upright, and are about the size of your finger.
The possibilities are:
Japone (acquired seed)
Thai Drragon (freakishly mutated? )

can anyone tell me which it may be, I can take a pic in a short while.

since this is my first post past the intro, if I am in the wrong place, please move me!

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It's impossible to distinguish most pepper plants, except for Thai peppers, which have tiny leaves, and Super Chili and Habanero plants, which are more compact and bushy. But most peppers, both hot and sweet, look just alike until they start to bear fruit.
Did you start the plants yourself, or buy them from a garden center?
If you started them yourself, you may have a mutant or a plant that has reverted to some distant relative.
It's also possible that there was a mix-up at the garden center or growers. These things happen.
From your description, it sounds like a cayenne or Serrano.
We get by with a little help from our friends
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a employee of mine of hispanic blood, gave me some Japone seeds.
I had some Old seed from Thai dragons, I planted the old seed, no germination, I then planted the Japone seed, two days later the plants started emerging, and then I had every seed I planted up!
So, I have this one mix up. Thanks for your help.
How does one post pictures here for Identification?
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Old 09-07-2006, 02:53 PM   #4
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When did you plant these Phil? Since I see you're in Minnesota, if you planted all of these early enough you should already be seeing ripening peppers by now, which should help you identify which is which.

Even here in Virginia's Zone 7 I start my pepper plants indoors in late February/early March so I can have them planted out by early May in order to have ripe peppers by August/September. As Constance said, trying to differentiate them by the plants themselves is nearly impossible, unless you're growing one of the ornamental types with purple or variegated leaves.

That said, while I'm not familiar with the "Japone" variety, "Thai Dragon" is one I grow every year. The ones I've grown are thin-skinned, about a 1/2" wide, average 3"-3/12" long, & ripen to a brilliant red. Excellent used fresh in Asian stirfries - especially Thai dishes - but are also easy to dry. In fact, one year when we were expecting an early hard frost, I just uprooted the plants & hung them from the rafters by their roots & allowed the peppers to dry right on the plants. When completely dry, I just packed them in airtight plastic containers in my spice/herb cupboard.
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I will have to get a picture.
Yes, that is the perfect discription of Thai's
These peppers, which must be the Japones, grow in groups, points up, like one of those christmas peppers, but the peppers are finger size, green, ripening to yellow now, and I would imagine red.
I raise
Habranero (orange and red)
Fish (verigated)
Purple Cayenne umm, (purple)
and apparently...
and Thai's,
Along with a bevvy of sweet pepper varieties.
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